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The efflorescence is just a bit of salts that precipitated at the surface of the grout. Stop wire brushing it and wash it with a scrub brush, with a dilute solution of muriatic acid and warm water, that should take care of the problem. Next time use
1 Measure the size of the tiles you want to use and any tile spacers or grout. Decide how many tiles you will need to use to complete your pattern. 2 Ensure level tiles with the use of a batten, or wooden straight edge
All of that should be torn out and replaced with backerboard, which is then coated in a waterproofing membrane, to be tiled over and sealed. Or it can be replaced with the same modern type of dry-pack mortar bed, of which I'm not a fan and neither ar
Yesterday, I covered my timeline for getting the kitchen backsplash covered in subway tile. Tile that is still radiating all of those wonderful “damn, I look GOOD” vibes all over it. And as promised, here are the full DIY details I learned, tools I u
Tiled surfaces such as countertops and backsplashes need a border to make the installation look finished. In some cases, this border is created with a row of bullnose tiles, which have three flat, straight edges and one slightly rounded edge. Ceramic
I began demolition of a bathroom today and ran into an unusual (for me) flooring issue. The floor is tiled and it's set on a 1. 5" thick bed of mortar
I just wanted to get opinions on my plans to fix the somewhat sunken slab in our garage. We bought the house two years and (it's about 50 years old) and I have been monitoring the slab since day 1. It has not sunk any further so it's likely that the
Movement is the enemy of masonry of any type. In this case, it depends on a few factors. How much movement? How often does the movement occur? What products were used to install the tile? What size and type of tile? If all you're asking is whether so
Edit- (based on the comment "my ex-husband already laid the tiles without spacing for grout")I don't like to promote products, but I'm not aware of any other silane vinyl sealers, so try a product called Infuze. Here's the technical data sheet. Like
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