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I just had my back splash installed in my kitchen and the tiler cut one section a bit too short. The grout went up today and the area is thicker then any other areas and very noticeable especially with a dark countertop. Unfortunately it is an area w
What kind of cement was used and you wish to remove One part cement such as Contact Cement or Super Glues are dissolvable. Two-part Epoxies are not dissolvable and can be removed with heat or scraped / grinded down. In most cases, it is impossible to
The result is an ugly build-up of old caulking from repeated attempts to solve the problem. The two most common causes are: #1 Using the wrong fasteners to install the tub/shower unit:Always use screws on the flange of the tub unit. DO NOT USE NAILS
Initially, the wall tiles were installed too high off the shower floor so if floor tiles were installed, there would be a gap at the bottom of the wall tiles to top of the floor tiles. I hired a company that installed a second mud pan on top of the e
By Joseph Lewitin Brick is a rustic hard tile flooring surface solution that has a lot of character and personality. Ceramic tiles are a more precise option, which are manufactured to have distinct, particular features. They are both excellent choice
Why isn’t my pebble tile mosais interlocking? It is best to dry fit all mosaics with an interlocking edge prior to installation. It may be necessary to remove and replace pieces of the mosaic by hand to get them to fit together before you place them
Unfortunately, no. If you read the Wikipedia article on color balance you'll learn that it is actually quite difficult to maintain true color when capturing and displaying digital media. For instance, the article has a pair of renderings of the same
I removed the cement board to replace it, and discovered that the moisture had apparently penetrated the cement board and reached one group of studs: I don't see anything that looks obviously like mold, and there's no moisture palpable in the affecte
I'm about to build a tile counter top (or bench top as we call it here) for a new kitchen. I'm going to be using large porcelain floor tiles on top and thought I'd finish the edges with a nice native timber. The top I'm working on is the breakfast ba
This is a first time I see such a way to build a subfloor, it's not common in a country of my origin. It seems, however, that concrete blocks are not simply a filler here (as in other types of ceiling/floor structures), they can bear loads and play l