Tiling on greenboards?


On 11 Feb 2006 08:36:58 -0800, "Mak Wilson"

Here's what I do. I'm not a pro, but it's worked for me.

I plan the seam so that the tile will overlap the green board by about 1/4 inch. This requires some care. It's best if the bottom edge of the greenboard has blocking behind it, but not absolutely required.

I do not tape the seam in any way.

I finish the greenboard before I lay the tile.

I lay the tile, and avoid getting thinset on the area where the tile overlaps the green board. In other words, the tile is attached to the backer board and not the greenboard.

I caulk the joint between the tile and greenboard with silicon caulk.

Here's my reasoning: any time you have dissimilar backing materials, such as greenboard and backer board, they are going to move slightly in relation to one another over time. The silicon handles this with no problem. This method avoids all the issues you asked about with what to finish the...

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I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I have my back facing the monster on the field map, the monster initiates the combat, I see the big shining words SURPRISE! at the combat screen. Yet I am not getting any green tiles on the bonus board.

Anybody have any ideas? Much appreciated.

Green tiles are for getting ambushed, which means you get into a battle with one monster on the field while at least one more monster is extremely close. Then you'll fight at least two battles back-to-back, and you'll get a green tile for each past the first battle.

But it's completely useless to try to get green tiles. You'll always have tons of party SP, and even if you wanted more, there are quicker, easier way to earn it like simply harvesting or mining.

Aren't harvesting/mining points single use only? You mean they respawn over time?

They respawn when you go back to the ship.

II am not sure about this you will always have tons of SP, SP for me is always low. I...

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With all due respect to ANY who answer, and after installing multiple thousands of sq. ft. of tile, and remodeling more bathrooms than much else; I'd like to scrap GREEN Board for use where water directly affects it.

CAN YOU?........... is a question I answer so often here, in this manner..."YES"... but I add WHY... often.

I'm going to assume GREEN board already exists,,,sigh, and so to tear it out seems silly at least. YES...DO concrete backer board, in any area where water will be an issue, when tile is the finish material.

I want to impress on you that STUFF is "HYPED" in order to sell it.

I haven't used Green Board in a very long time; and the only call backs I ever get are, "Can you come and do MORE work."

Steven Wolf

Even in the trades; "evolution" happens


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