Time to Replace Masonite Royalcote Wall Paneling?


My house was built in 1959. The basement has a pseudo-finished area with walls made of wood paneling. I've started removing some of it to address issues behind the wall and to provide easier electrical access for electricians who will be adding some circuits. I was planning on hanging up the same paneling after all the work is done, but I'm starting to wonder if the paneling is quite old and possibly contains materials now known to be hazardous.

The backsides of the panels have a logo stenciled on them in paint which calls the product "Masonite Royalcote." Does anyone know how long this product was manufactured? The only references I find online suggest it was a popular wall paneling in the 1960s. If it's that old, and especially if it had any kind of hazardous material in it, I should probably go ahead and pay for some new...

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If you have Masonite paneling in your bathroom, you may have been wanting to replace it for some time now. Masonite is a type of hardboard, and it doesn't do well in the humidity of the bathroom. The edges of sheets can delaminate, and the centers tend to bubble away from the wall. Whoever installed the paneling may have nailed it to the studs, glued it or both. The installer may even have glued it to the drywall. If the latter is the case, it's probably easier to remove the drywall than to try to salvage it.

Turn off the electricity to the bathroom and unscrew all the outlet and switch cover plates with a screwdriver. Remove all hardware from the walls, such as towel racks, shelves and toilet paper holders.

Pry off the baseboards with a flat bar. Take out the nails with a hammer and pliers and set the baseboards aside. Number them if you plan to reuse them.

Tap the flat bar with a hammer into one of the seams between two sheets of paneling and pry one of the...

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It depends on if you're trying to replace ALL the hardboard siding or just the part that rotted out. I recommend replacing it all if you can afford it; you rent a dumpster, pry off all the siding, throw it away and install something like Hardiplank in its place. If you're trying to replace just the bottom few boards, normally Masonite siding was face-nailed--you drove nails into the laps so they went through two courses of siding. What you'll need to do here is find the nails, pull them out, and slide the bad siding out then slide good siding in. I recommend using fiber cement siding to replace even single pieces of hardboard siding. The molds they use to make it were developed to look like the molds used to make hardboard siding, so repairs are hard to spot if you can spot them at all, and it's far more durable.

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Masonite brand shelving supports

Our sitting room has wood paneling made by a company called Masonite Corporation, which has apparently long been out of business. The paneling is quite nice, and embedded between the panels are the tracks for shelving, and I have to say the tracks are beautifully hidden. The previous owners left us with a few shelf supports, but I want to locate more so that we can use an entire wall for the extensive family library and knick-knack collection. The problem I am having is that none of the shelf supports I have come across on the market today fit because (1) the teeth that go into the track are set too far apart now and (2) the metal of the teeth nowadays is about 1/32" too thick. I would love to locate shelf supports for this application, but I have been all over and feel like I'm chasing...

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If your home has Masonite siding, make sure you inspect it thoroughly at the end of each season. Masonite can delaminate, rot and invite mold into your home when not properly taken care of. Inspect often to stop problems before they begin.

What Is Masonite Siding?

Masonite is siding made up of wood chips held together with resins, similar to fiberboard that makes up some kitchen cabinets. It can resemble real wood, be painted in any color and was originally sold as an alternative to true wood siding.

Masonite was first introduced as a lower maintenance and lower cost alternative to wood. For homeowners that wanted something lower maintenance than wood, but disliked the look of metal and vinyl siding, Masonite was made to fill the gap.

Approximately 20 years after it was first introduced on the market, class action suits were brought against the manufacturer. The result being that Masonite is no longer being produced due to problems arising...

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This will require you to measure the height and width of the walls of your mobile home to determine how many panels will be required. You will then need to take all decorations and light fixtures off of the walls before starting the project.

Step 1

Take off any wood battens that were used to cover the seams of the panels. Insert the pry bar under the batten and pry it off of the paneling.

Step 2

Remove the existing paneling in your home with the pry bar. Place the end of the pry bar in between the seams of the panels and strike it with a hammer to force it under the panel. Push the pry bar until the panel begins to separate from the wall.

Step 3

Measure the height that is needed for the new panels with a tape measure. Mark the measurements on the new panels with a pencil.

Step 4

Cut the new panels to the proper length by using a circular saw and cut along the pencil mark.

Step 5

Draw a template on a piece...

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If the panels are 2" you'll probably have to make you own. The 2" wall system was done away with when CA went from the UBC to the IRC in '05 or '06.

1-1/2" foam panel sandwiched between panels of 1/4" Masonite on each side, textured and painted with latex paint.

Getting the old panel out and the new one in means you'll have to remove ALL of the screws (and rivets if there are any) in the entire wall. Then use a putty knife and drive the top and bottom of each aluminum "H" channel towards the corner away from the panel that you're replacing. You will get enough space widthwise to remove the damaged panel, the window, and the panel (or window) above it as a unit. Cut the panel you made exactly like the one you are replacing, and install everything in the reverse order.

It's IMPORTANT that you remove EVERY screw and rivet -- otherwise you won't get the pieces to move. Don't remove the corner post(s) or the wall channel if one is involved. That's a good part...

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Wall art with different kind of paints, colors, textures, wood panels etc. is all so regular and comes in one of the most common type of designing. Actually it is important to move on to the new trends, much of the appeal and well-designed walls with textured wall paneling. Wall decor 3d panels are designed that when they are put together they form elegant contemporary wall design patterns to any of the respective place or area.

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Textured wall panels or 3D wall panels give an extra dimension to your walls and compliment just about any room...

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For my mom's room, I knew I wanted to create the look of a horizontal planked wall behind her bed -- but I didn't have the budget to make it a reality, so I got creative. I figured that whatever material I used, once it was installed wall to wall you wouldn't be able to tell how deep it was and it would look (pretty much) like a regular paneled wall.

So with kiddos in tow, I ventured into my friendly neighborhood Lowe's where I had them cut 3 sheets of 1/'8" Masonite hardboard (like pegboard but without the holes) into 6" strips for me. Lowe's has a generous cutting policy that is great for projects such as this.

After getting them home the first thing I did was prime them with oil-based primer. I'm always glad when I pre-prime; you should save yourself the hassle and pre-prime (and even pre-paint) things like this or like board and batten. You'll thank yourself when it's on the wall and there are nooks and crannies you don't have to contend with.


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RV ceiling panels deteriorate when leaks occur or with age. When this happens, the vinyl covering starts to peel or separate from the wood behind it. Removing the ceiling panels is not usually possible without causing structural damage to the RV, as the panels are installed before the walls and cabinetry. The best way to handle replacing the RV ceiling panels is to strip off the vinyl covering and replace it with a thin sheet of Masonite hardboard. Masonite hardboard is a versatile material which will accept paint or wallpaper.

Replacing RV Ceiling Paneling

1. Strip the vinyl covering and glue off of the Lauan wood. Continue removing material until you get to bare wood. A sanding disk for a drill makes quick work of this task. If a sanding disk is not available, use sandpaper or a paint scraper instead. If there are places where the Lauan wood is rotted out and must be replaced, cut out the rotted area and replace it with new Lauan wood. Attach the new wood to the...

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The half bath.. there are a LOT of layers ANNND… here is another one. Believe it or not, I was a bit ahead of the curve and I started a plank wall two and a half years ago… Unfortunately for me, it took me that long to finish the project, not because it is hard, but because I ran out of planks, and then I just got bored with the project! ( I think it is a sickness for me… boredom well, that and remodeling!)


In our first house we did the same plank wall look, and I LOVED it. So I guess I just copied myself… should I be flattered? Maybe I should pat myself on the back. I guess the truth of the matter is, we finished that project only a few months before we left so I felt like I should have enjoyed it more. I chose not to do any wainscoting on my second house intentionally, but when we moved into the third, my love for wainscoting burst right back out of me and so that is what we did in the living room and the half bath…

Because our front room also has...

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