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The Culprit: A Clogged Sewer DrainIf you’re experiencing the above scenario, it is a surefire sign of a sewer drain clog. A sewer drain clog is a serious issue and can even be considered a plumbing emergency in certain cases. Besides water coming up
Less than two weeks ago the city had someone come out to replace our water meter, they're doing this through out the neighborhood. for what it's worth we we're also having a new furnace installed while the meter was swapped out. While checking things
How to check your toilet’s flush volume Knowing how much your toilet flushes and which valves to use with them can be a complicated business. This article will help determine what valves are best used with your toilets. The easiest way to determine a
If you've removed the old toilet and discovered that the existing toilet flange will not work for your new toilet because you've got a concrete slab floor, you'll find it's not easy to remove and replace. That scenario describes one annoying aspect o
I researched it for ya and everything I found says the same thing. Personally I don’t know. Standard Toilet Placement;The minimum distance between the toilet and a finished wall on either SIDE is 15 inches
Either your bowl refill hose is disconnected or the sewer vent is obstructed. The refill hose provides water to refill the bowl after the flapper valve has shut. It typically sprays into the tank overflow tube but can also be integrated into the flus
Pull up the old toilet, finish the tiling job, and drop in the new toilet. Anything else is going to leave you with a hack job that will eat away at your satisfaction in having your own home every time you turn around to flush. Finishing the tiling j
Few things make a bathroom more unappealing than a dirty toilet. Even if you regularly scrub the bowl, seat and tank, hair, dust and dirt can collect around the seat hinge and leave behind a layer of grime. Toilet seats are held on by two bolts, one
Sounds like deterioration of major rubber stuff, so get a plumber to entirely replace ALL of the toilet's components. Noticeable chunks typically indicate your tank gasket is going quick & not just the tank needing to be cleaned. These particles
<?xml encoding="UTF-8"???><?xml encoding="UTF-8"???>Clogged toilets have happened to almost everyone at one point or another. A curious child flushing a small toy to see what happens, too much toilet paper used, soiled Credit: J HKerseydi