Tool for joining tightly-woven, 2mm-thick PP webbing [closed]


By tight I mean like in seat belts. I think it's called "high tenacity".

Manual stitching takes 4 painful minutes per centimeter.

This would be a step up from needle held in pliers, but is there anything between this and an industrial machine?
Something like this portable sewing machine for, apparently, tissue paper but as strong as an upholstery stapler?

Or an alternative good enough to hold and last, though not necessarily bet my life on?

I've tried several kinds of glue, none hold PP well. Neoprene (multiple applications) holds as long as the parts are pressed together, so it's good as an addition to stitching, but not a replacement. Epoxy is obviously brittle. For 6mm tapes, glue + glue-soaked wrap works, but it's not usable for wider tapes, stiff, bulky, and no less work. Leatherworking tools, staples: those usually cut through the material - a bad idea for woven stuff. Even rivets that don't cut anything tend to become loose in webbing with...
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I seem to have a similar problem. I can't seem to get resizeReinit to fire and I can't seem to get window.resize to work either- in combination with resizeReinit or separately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's my swiper initialize code:


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