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Lets pump this AC through a step up transformer that steps up the voltage to 10^5 volts. The current being transmitted in this case will be, I = P/V = 10 amps. Power loss = 10*10*0
Hi E, True Blood gave you the best advice. She gets best answer here. One thing that you should know about the wattage rating is that it's the highest wattage that can be safely used in a fixture
I have a suspended ceiling in my bathroom with 6 halogen (MR160 12V 35W) spotlights, each light has its own transformer, which I believe is to covert the voltage from 240v to 12v. Some of the fitting do not work entirely (I have checked by moving the
The machine runs on low-voltage AC or DC from a pluggable "wall wart" transformer, and they simply give you a different transformer for different voltages. Internally, the machine has matched sets of 2 things: heating elements, motor windings, etc. F
the extractor fan lasted about 3 weeks before buzzing and then completely failing (but still buzzing) Perhaps a bearing seized up, It is probably a small extractor fan and is easily replaced at low cost. You can do it yourself if you follow basic ele
Design and Development of Remote Flow Totalizer/Controller Based on Embedded System Especially, flow totalizer is indispensable in many industrial areas such as gas, chemical and water industries. States > New York > State > Regulations >
What’s the difference between an LED power supply, LED transformer, and LED driver? There’s no difference at all. These are different names used to describe the same product. Some lighting companies call them ‘transformers’, as they transform high-vo
Low-voltage transformers as used with MR16 12V spotlights also add to the complexity Some of the issues that may occur when a dimmer is incompatible with an LED lamp are: Flickering - Lamps will flicker (can also occur if a non-dimmable lamp is used)
I have an outdoor DC transformer for lighting system that must connect to an outdoor outlet. It's not hardwired. So if I plug this transformer to an in-use outlet permanently, how do I ensure that this transformer is protected from rain and weather c
This is a common way to install a 24V low-voltage transformer. These are used for HVAC thermostats, doorbells, garage door opener controls, and other "control" applications. (For instance, if you're hooking up a Nest thermostat and looking for the "C