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Paint the crown. This step will require paint and a brush. Enamel paints are generally the best for this kind of work, and fall into two basic categories: acrylic enamel, which dries quickly and is less odorous than its counterpart, but which has a f
PVC molding is a popular material that is used in the building industry today. Here are the basics of PVC molding and what you should know about it. PVC MoldingPVC molding is a type of molding that is used frequently as an alternative to traditional
Stair skirts are like baseboard for your stairs. They add a polished touch to staircases and are especially important to have (I think) on wooden staircases. You'll see them running along the wall like classic baseboard and also under the side of the
by Vlad K Last Updated February 22, 2016 01:09 AM I've recently purchased an old home with windows that have probably not been replaced since the thing was built in the 20's. The siding on this home looks new and I'm taking it upon myself to replace
Flexibility is undoubtedly one of the most severely overlooked aspects of fitness. While many people are keen to get flatter abs and bigger biceps, it seems that flexibility very much takes a back seat if it gets considered at all. This is a big mist
I hope I can clear this up for you. Brads are small (half-inch to two-inch long), thin finishing nails, usually with only half-heads that embed into the material; some brads are even headless, working more like tiny, straight staples. Most nail guns
What dilemma, JLoleary! It doesn't really matter 3 years after your original post, but since there are over 700 threads on "quarter round", I suspect there are tons of people out there agonizing over the same dilemma. I trust that with both in your h
Im trying to achieve a very ornate crown molding, and Ive gotten the look I want by gluing 3 pieces of crown molding together and it looks perfect. Ive used glue on my sample test run which is only about 1 foot in length. But this will be for a room
PVC MOULDING ALTERNATIVE. The use of PVC exterior details can be a viable solution depending on your design but it also presents limitations and drawbacks. Mouldex Mouldings provides an array of options that will fill the voids left by PVC making it
Coffered ceilings are made up of recessed, or hollow-centered, panels with decorative trim. The effect of a coffered ceiling is often waffle-like if the panels are square in shape. Many different straight-sided, or polygonal, shapes may be used for t