Troubleshooting pex leakage


It would be ideal to know what kind of connections you have on the manifold. Often the connectors can be replaced but it kind of sounds like you don't have that option (or why would you ask?).

So, if you have barb connections, then yes, you have to be careful cleaning them... scratches cause problems. But if there is enough length on the barbed connector for two clamps or rings, that might work. You would want to put the rings adjacent to each other on the pex, and use the crimp tool to crimp them at different angles. Or use a different crimps or clamps like ULTRA-LITE COMPOSITE HANDLE CRIMP TOOL FOR STAINLESS STEEL PEX SLEEVES or Apollo PEX Cinch Clamps.

I suppose that if you had flare nut style fittings, it would be obvious that you could replace the parts, so there's no sense in my mentioning it any further.

Alternatively, if you have a shark-bite style connection, the tube support liner is what usually needs to be replaced. You should be able to remove the...

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Available in Europe for decades, PEX piping was introduced to the United States in the 1980s. It is used as plumbing pipes in homes. It cost less than traditional copper wires, weighs less, is flexible and employs less labor. However, these pipes cannot be used for outdoor plumbing jobs because the UV rays may spoil the material and cause serious damages.

Manufactured from cross linked polyethylene and brass, these pipes when used with PEX tubing offers brilliant water plumbing alternative as against traditional methods. Due to its unique property of temperature and chemical resistance, PEX piping is actively used in water system for both residential and business properties.

Installation is conveniently carried out by pinching a copper ring onto an inserted PEX tube fitting over a pipe. Brass or stainless steel fittings clamps are also used for making these connections. Unlike copper piping, PEX piping is resistant to rust build up and therefore less likely to corrode...

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I enabled the logging below and then start to see error messages for ipv6. Is this related to ut atm unable to get IP string info for ipv6 or is it indication of ipv6 unable to connect. Is there a test or setting to change that can test if ipv6 connection data are been received and sent without errors from ut.

'Peer Traffic Logging - Log PEX'

Logging Output
Extension: ipv4:[IP] File
Extension: ipv6:[ < ERROR > ] File
Extension: ipv4:[IP] File
Extension: ipv6:[ < ERROR > ] File
Extension: ipv4:[IP] File
Extension: ipv6:[ < ERROR > ] File
Extension: ipv6:[ < ERROR > ] File
Extension: ipv4:[IP] File
Extension: ipv6:[ < ERROR > ] File


I have this set but have set to true to make sure it wasn't a bug same as above no change.

'Preferences - Advanced'

net.disable_incoming_ipv6 false


I have a ipv4 connection but should also be connecting to ipv6 both directions in-out. Though there is...

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" - It's unnerving when your central heating goes kaput. But don't worry because as long as long as you have a spare few hours, this guide will talk you through the tricky job of working out where the problem is..

Step 1: No heating
If you've got no heating at all, first check that the thermostat hasn't been set too low. The boiler will only work if the heating has been set higher than room temperature. Also check that the timer hasn't been set to come on at 4 in the morning instead of 4 in the afternoon.

Finally, before phoning in the experts, check the boiler is switched on at the local isolator and at the boiler itself. Look for unusual flashing lights on the boiler control panel and check the water pressure is over 0.8 Bar.

If this is all fine, check that the pilot light in your gas boiler works. If it doesn't, there are usually instructions as to how to re-light it on the inside of the boiler door.

Step 2: Noisy...

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How to Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems

The easiest way to solve plumbing problems in your home is to hire a professional plumber but, if you are one of those DIY (do-it-yourself) types, you might be tempted or perhaps ultimately failing to resist the desire to fix it yourself. The first thing to do when attempting to solve any plumbing problem is to troubleshoot it. That is, know the cause of the problem and decide on a course of action. Here are a few steps:

1. Listen to the dripping noise
Dripping is the most commonly overlooked plumbing problem, perhaps because it doesn’t really disturb us that much. But if you are going to add up the hundreds and even thousands of dripping during the course of the day and then multiply that to a month, you would realize that it already amounted to gallons of water. Constant dripping is a hole in the pocket if not given attention, so, the first step in troubleshooting plumbing problems is to listen...

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With increasingly larger portion of contractors and homeowners turning away from copper and CPVC and switching to PEX, we’re inevitably facing the reality that PEX is not a final solution for the plumbing industry, and like its predecessors and competitors, has its own ups and downs. The good news is that a PEX system can be made to last beyond the 20-25 standard warranty and perform as needed when properly understood and installed.

Having been in the PEX industry for many years, we’ve heard it all – the PEX-A vs PEX-B debates, PEX vs. copper vs. CPVC, leaks, bursts, kinks and you name it.
While a reader may find that our share of experience is similar to that of others, we’ll try to provide not only a description of the common and not-so-common problems, but also the steps to prevent and remedy them where possible.

Before we proceed, we ask the reader to keep the following 3 things in mind:

1. PEX had its issues. And so did copper and CPVC. Anyone with...

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The toilet is one plumbing fixture that everyone needs to work well. The toilet must fill, the toilet must flush, and if everything is in proper working order, the toilet will do these things with minimal noise and hassle. Of course, there are many times when the plumbing of a toilet does not go with the flow, so to speak, and requires a little toilet TLC.

Any gravity toilet will include a fill valve, which controls the flow of fresh water into the toilet tank. It is attached to a water-supply connector through the bottom of the tank. Two types of fill valves are in use today. One is the traditional float ball (also called a ballcock), and the other is the float cup type.

The flush valve controls the discharge of tank water into the bowl. This valve consists of a flapper (also called “stopper” or “tank ball”), that aligns over the drain and is attached to the overflow pipe.

Above: Diagram of Ballcock-type fill valve

The overflow pipe,...

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Hey everyone!

I recently moved to a new apartment, and after setting up my computer I noticed electric leakage into my case as I were given minor shocks whenever touching it. I checked the power outlet and it is not grounded unlike my previous apartment, which explains why I haven’t noticed anything before. Grounding of the new apartment will be done, but as my girlfriend’s computer does not have the same issue when plugged into the same outlet, it must also be something fishy with my computer. Can you perhaps help me figuring out the point of error?

At first, and after googling, I thought that it might be my EVGA Supernova G2 PSU that were faulty. I replaced it with a brand new EVGA PSU, but the problem remained. When troubleshooting more deeply, I noticed that I receive electric shock even if the PSU power cable isn’t even plugged in at all, so the PSU cannot (?) be the faulty part of the rig.

Moving on. The current leakage happens even if just one of my...

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Applies to:

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7

Windows Server 2008

Windows Vista

Windows Server 2003

Windows XP

In Task Manager, have you ever noticed ‘Handles’?

If you haven’t, don’t worry.

So what are handles?

Every single application and service (process) has to have handles to various Kernel system resources, such as semaphores, communication
ports (i.e. TCP ports, windows sockets (a.k.a. WinSock)), and files, that are accessible to all threads in the process.

Applications and services cannot directly access these Kernel resources.

A great write up by Mark Russinovich is available here Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles

So how do I find out which process is consuming the most amount of handles?

In Task Manager, by default, you won’t be able to see the handles open by a process.

You will need to click on View > Select...

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The Oil Seal Manufacturing Industry is committed to providing functional, efficient radial lip seals for all applications. If a sealing system leaks, it is most important that the manufacturer is provided with as much data about the sealing system and its environment as possible in order to provide a timely and correct solution. The mere return of a leaking seal is not sufficient information on which to base corrective action. The following is a Leakage Analysis Guide prepared by the Technical Committee of the Oil Seal Subdivision of the Rubber Manufacturers Association**.

Sealing System:

There are four elements to any sealing system. They are:

The sealing device The shaft or running surface The housing bore The medium to be sealed

It is not possible to provide an accurate analysis of a leaking sealing system without examination of all four elements.


The purpose of this document is:

To provide the seal user...
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After writing a blog post about leaking temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valves at water heaters, I learned that this particular issue seems to completely befuddle folks. In the two years that I allowed comments to be posted, that post received 245 comments, including my own. The majority of the comments were questions from readers who were trying to troubleshoot their own leaking TPR valves.

I spent so much time responding to questions on that one blog post alone that I finally disabled comments on blog posts over 90 days old. Responding to reader comments on old blog posts was turning into a part-time gig for me.

The good news is that while answering reader questions, I ended up doing a fair amount of research to help myself understand problems that people were having, and to make sure that the advice I was giving was correct. The purpose of this blog post is to give some troubleshooting advice to people with leaking TPR valves.

A Quick...

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In Part 1 of this series we identified a pool leak in non paged pool. In Part 2 and Part 3 of this series we identified what pool tag was leaking. In Part 5 and Part 6 we got call stacks showing the memory being allocated. In this article we are going to discuss a tool that combines this information into one piece of data.

Starting with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows has new functionality to track pool allocations and frees using the Windows Performance Toolkit, commonly referred to as xperf. For this example we will be using the WPT from the Windows 8 ADK. When installing the ADK select only the Windows Performance Toolkit option to minimize download time.

Before collecting pool usage data on a 64-bit system, you must disable the paging of data such as drivers and call stacks. The first time you run the Windows Performance Recorder UI and click the Start button you will be prompted that Disable Paging Executive is not set. If you click OK to...

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Which is Better - PEX or Copper?

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) has several advantages over copper:

PEX is cheaper than copper. Half-inch PEX tubing costs about a third the price of copper. Some of the savings will be offset by the need for a special tool to install the fittings, but if you're doing a medium to large plumbing job, you'll usually save by using a PEX supply instead of copper. PEX is faster to install than copper. If you use a manifold and 'home-run' system, it's like running a garden hose to each fixture — super fast and easy. But even if you install PEX in a conventional main line and branch system, the connections are quicker to make than soldering copper. A PEX supply won't corrode like copper. If you live in an area with acidic water, copper can corrode over time. A PEX supply is unaffected by acidic water and is therefore a better choice in these areas.

What About PEX vs. CPVC?

A PEX supply and CPVC cost about the same. But there are a...

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Hello, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and today I'm going to talk to you about leaking PEX piping. Now for this job you'll need a couple things. For this job we'll be using a PEX crimper, and a gauge. This thing measures your rings that crimp down on to your couplings. Most commonly the leaks that occur are right here where your couplings join together. So this tool right here has different sizes on there so whatever size pipe that you have you'll take, place this right over the ring and a lot of times these PEX crimpers adjust themselves so they won't crimp down all the way. You want this ring to slide down in to this groove here. As you can see it's a little big. So what we'll do there is all PEX crimpers have adjustable screws on them. You tighten it and it'll tighten the crimp on there so that way you can take your pipe, put it in your crimper, crimp down on it and lock it down and then you take it off. Take your little gauge and make sure that it fits...

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Identifying a Memory Leak

The symptoms of a memory leak include the following:

A gradually worsening response time. The appearance of error messages indicating that system services have stopped. The appearance of the following error message indicating that the system is low on virtual memory.

If you suspect that a particular application or service is causing a memory leak, investigate the memory use of your applications using the following counters:

Memory\Available Bytes reports available bytes; its value tends to fall during a memory leak. Memory\Committed Bytes reports the private bytes committed to processes; its value tends to rise during a memory leak. Process\Private Bytes reports bytes allocated exclusively for a specific process; its value tends to rise for a leaking process. Process\Working Set reports the shared and private bytes allocated to a process; its value tends to rise for a leaking process. ...
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It’s hard to find so much innovation and design features in one tank. The Ammit dual coil by Geekvape features a post-less deck and an innovative and redesigned juice-flow control. It can be run in dual coil or single coil with the included block, and with all the airflow it’s a cloud chaser’s dream! With the wide juice-flow slots you can really pull away on this device and not have to worry about it going dry for a while. You can’t go wrong with the Ammit dual coil version.

But now you’ve got your tank, and for whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to be working how all the reviews and online forums had it laid out! Sometimes wicking this device for the first time can even give the expert a little trouble!

Have no fear! We’re here to help you out with some helpful tips that might help to remedy some of the issues you might come across while wicking up this device.

Step 1:

Ensure that you have a coil that stretches all the way...

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This article defines and describes different types of building supply and drain piping with an alphabetical list of piping materials and properties. For each type of building piping material, in addition to giving its description and properties and use, we include special concerns or possible defects to watch-out for.

We will also discuss the life expectancy of lead water piping, the life expectancy of galvanized steel water piping and the life expectancy of copper...

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