TV stand size/weight restrictions


TV stands that support 33" to 47" flat screens come in all sorts of models for the professional. From wall mounted work stations to mobile video stands, our in stock inventory of racks and mounting brackets offers the biggest selection online. Mid-range monitors manufactured by Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, and many others have a place in today's working environment and are stock equipment in classrooms, conference rooms, and waiting rooms. Rest assured that each and every model comes with VESA-compliant mounts that guarantee the mounting holes on your TV will match the holes on the bracket.

TV stands can be purchased with or without wheels, depending on the application. Shelves located beneath the mounting brackets store A/V equipment while the smaller top shelf provides a camera spot for video conferencing. Trade show exhibitors use digital signs in their booths, requiring special knockdown designs with travel cases. We also offer floor stands that display more than one...
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Recently we took a poll where we asked "What's stopping you from getting a plasma?" A majority of voters rebuked my premise, picking "I love my plasma." The other responses were fairly evenly split among the choices.

However, there was a surprisingly common reason given in the comments that baffled me, and it's so bizarre it's clearly worth debunking, or at least shining the light on the facts.

So how much do TVs weigh?

Though mostly made of plastic, all TVs have some metal parts, and usually some glass as well. Compared with TVs from a few years ago (or the CRT "tube" TVs of yore), all TVs are light. Or at least, lighter.

There are two main reasons why the weight of a TV is worth considering: where you're placing/mounting it, and the initial post-purchase box-wrangling and setup. Weight shouldn't be an issue with shipping, as it's far too easy to find places that offer free shipping.

When it comes to TV stands, all but the flimsiest will support...

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Hey greyhound,

As long as you are looking at models that are large enough to accomodate both the length and depth of your TV's base, the only dimension that you really should be concerned about is the maximum supported weight of any given TV stand. Obviously, if the TV stand you choose is not able to support your TV, you could be looking at a disaster waiting to happen.

From my experience though, larger TV stands are primarily recommended to allow owners more storage space and the ability to customize their home theater area. On the other hand, smaller stands generally allow TV's to become more of a focal point, rather than forcing them to "blend" into their surroudings.

Personally, I know of at least two people that opted for a larger TV stand simply because it was an easier solution than buying separate book cases for all of their DVD's. Sure, their TV stand has now taken on a life of its own (and has apparently started reading Stephen King), but they...

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Doctors perform C-sections, also known as Cesarean sections, when women cannot safely give birth vaginally. Doctors make a surgical incision in the abdomen and deliver the baby through the uterine and abdominal walls. According to Kids Health, approximately 30 percent of all babies born in the U.S. are delivered by Cesarean section. A C-section is major surgery and women must take special precautions afterwards, including adhering to the recommended weight lifting restrictions. Lifting heavy things too soon may cause increased pain and damage to surgical incisions or abdominal muscles.

Video of the Day

Mothers and babies usually stay in the hospital for about three days after a Cesarean birth, according to the Mayo Clinic. Mothers often choose to have their infants stay in their hospital rooms with them around the clock and most mothers can safely lift their newborns, but nurses provide assistance with baby care as needed....

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Maximum weight

No single bag or item can weigh more than 32. If you have a checked-baggage allowance of 35 or 40 your baggage must be split over at least two bags, with no bag weighing more than 32.

If any single bag or item weighs more than 32 it must be carried as freight. See Qantas freight opens in new window for freight options. The 32 limit does not apply to electric wheelchairs and scooters, which may be checked in regardless of weight and will not incur any additional baggage weight or handling fee.

Oversized Items

Any bag or item with a single side longer than one metre (1000, 39), including wheels, handles and packaging is oversized. Oversized item handling fees may apply.

The oversized item fee does not apply to oversized assistive devices, mobility aids, medical equipment and infant items.

See Oversized baggage for more information.

Maximum length for oversized items

The maximum length of any oversized item...

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Specification of Standing Custom TV bracket LCD SPECIFIC WEIGHT

Custom Standing Bracket TV SPECIAL WEST LCD TV, plasma bracket floor stand 50 "-100"

Special standing tv bracket tv size weight.
Under mounting box 12 ml thick solid plate black powder coating paint / wheels disassembly
stanlis steel pole holo / box, height 180cm there is a hole lot of functionality to fluctuate bracket / lcd
top bracket for lcd 2 ml Plat thick plate width 70cm length 100cm plate for hanger lcd / plasma
bracket can within their messaging needs, for example for the addition dvd rack, shelf camera, CPU rac computer
complete with accessories bracket, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.
quality bracket sturdy, strong and durable quality...

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How to choose TV stand dimensions is not a brain surgery, even though there are certain minor details that can be easily overlooked. One of the most common mistakes while choosing a TV stand is that screen size, indicated on the box, never takes TV frame into the account. That is, getting a TV stand the same size as the screen is not the wise choice. So, if you would like to make the most of your room, here is the quickest and the easiest how to choose TV desks size guide that will help you find the most functional model for your room:

Measuring TV stand dimensions


In a nutshell, the whole how to choose TV stand size process can be easily broken down into four simple steps:

1. Measure the actual TV dimensions. There are plenty of online tables that can give the actual TV size based on the screen diagonal, as well as other ways to define the actual physical size of the TV without laying your hands on it. However, the safest way is still to...

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- USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is a Starfleet Constitution Class Starship of the spacecraft.

- Enterprise of the new movie version, while following the original TV series of the enterprise of basic design has also been designed completely new, has proved hugely popular from the fan.

- completely reproduce the new enterprise in the ultra-large-scale model of the total length of about 60cm!

- such as the bridge and engine nacelle and using the transparent parts, I'm glad parts also configured to remodeling, such as electric decoration work.

- new movie version of the enterprise will be the first of the kit through the entire scale.

- Please add to your enterprise collection by all means.

- J · J · Abrams reborn theater version by the hand of [Star Trek] (2009 published) is also a lot of new fans not only enthusiastic Star Trek fan from the TV series era won a big hit Did.

- its sequel, in story and visual beauty that far surpasses the...

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Media Consoles + Media Cabinets

Looking for a way to add polish to your living room? A media console or cabinet may be just what you need to bring order and flair into the equation and turn your entertainment center equipment into a well organized display. west elm’s consoles and media storage cabinets offer a stylish solution to any organizational issues you may have in your living room, bedroom or home office. These practical furniture pieces work well in any entertainment or home media scenario, whether it’s display for a television or computer monitor, storage for a turntable or simply a place to stash board games and a variety of other fun-time activities.

For small spaces and limited storage needs, our media consoles are a compact solution to your entertainment and storage needs. The items in this subcategory are typically standalone pieces that don’t include extra shelving, making our consoles a great option for a variety of scenarios. Though they’re on the...

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