Two 3-way dimmers on 6 LED lights - lights blink when on


1.5 Volt LED Flashers #1: four circuits with description

1.5v LED FLASHER: This is a very basic little circuit built around the LM3909 IC. A list of components and values is included.

10 Channel LED Sequencer: based on4017

10 LED Sequencer: in PDF format, text in Finnish

16 Stage Bi-Directional LED Sequencer:

2 LED Flasher: simple2- transistor circuit which blinks2- LEDs

2 Transistor LED Flasher #1:

2 Transistor LED Flasher #2:

28 LED Clock Timer 72 LED Clock: programmable clock Timer circuit that uses individual LEDs to indicate hours and minutes

3 Way Blinking LEDs:

40 LED Bicycle Light (555 Timer 6 Volt):

7 Segment LED Counter:

72 LED Clock:

9 Second Digital Readout Timer #2:

9 Second LED Relay Timer #2:

AC Line Powered LEDs:

Adjustable Flashing Led:

Alternating LED Blinker uses Four Parts: 03/26/98 EDN-Design ...

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An upgrade from your traditional desk lamp, the Swyvel LED desk lamp takes illumination to a whole new level of sophistication. innovative lamp features 9 bright-white LEDs which not only last longer than conventional desk lamps but also provide asolution to use less energy. Bulbrite's Slyng offers a full range touch dimming system (so you control the light output)and 2 points of adjustability. This high performance desk lamp offers a stylish statement in any office, work space or modern living room. BULBRITE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, energy-efficient light source solutions. Founded nearly 40 years ago, BULBRITE is a family owned business renowned for its commitment to innovation, education and new technology. The company has introduced many innovative and design award-winning products, including its exclusive KX-2000, Dark Sky, Purify 02, and Halogen R111 GU10, as well as the 2012 EISA-compliant Halogen A19 and TURBO LEDs. BULBRITE offers an...

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Here's what I think's happening. It's guessing, from a basic knowledge of how dimmers work (significant time working on dimmers and lighting control systems for theatres and opera houses), and how microcontrollers work, so forgive me if it's not entirely accurate.

LEDs are low voltage devices which have drive modules that rectify the ac to dc and transform the voltage down to the 2-4 volt range to power the LED chips (at a fairly high current, for a semiconductor device).

A dimmable LED unit has a smart driver that's able to power its own logic from a power supply derived from a wide range of incoming wave forms (nearly off to fully on), sense the incoming wave form, and make a guess at what power to drive the LED's at, probably with a high frequency square wave using PWM. I don't think they actually work by using the chopped ac waveform to drive the LED in any direct sense.

The two-wire dimmers power their internal electronics by having a small resistance in...

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I got my son a good brand of LED A lamps that says dimmable. When we use a regular dimmer they dim, but not like a regular lamp. When you dim them with a regular dimmer you might not get the same dim from time to time, and on ours the dimming is through but you have have the slide to go. We put these LED's in his fan lights at home and he keeps the full bright.

I know dealers of some of the retrofit LED trims and most of them say use the regular dimmer, but the main reason for that is so you don't have to buy new dimmers when replacing the lamps with LEd's.

Lutron makes a dimmer in the C.L family line that dims LED's and CFL's. These dimmers have a little trim screw dial that you can adjust to lengthen the dimming portion of the dimmer and you set it to be a full range dim on the dimmer.

Older electricians will probably remember the trim setting from older ceiling fans and adjusting them to the full range to tell you if it is on or off. the fan motor...

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1.3 Volt IC Flasher, Oscillator, Trigger or Alarm: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04-Nov-1995

1.5 Volt LED Flashers #1: four circuits with description

10 Channel LED Sequencer: based on4017

10 LED Sequencer: in PDF format, text in Finnish

10 Stage Light Sequencer: flashes10 low voltage bulbs, operates at10-25-Volt voltage, in PDF format, text in Finnish

12 Stage Neon Sequencer (NE 2 / NE 51): uses small power 70-Volt neon bulbs

12 Volt Color organ and Reverb unit:

12 Volt Strobe Circuit: this circuit uses12V DC instead od mains AC. This is very good idea if you don't want to mess with direct mains voltage connected circuit or you want to run the Strobe from batteries.

120 Volt AC Lamp Chaser using Solid State Relays: This circuit is similar to the LED clock using12 neon indicator lamps instead of LEDs. It operates from2 high capacity ni-cad cells (2.5 volts) which keep it going...

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incandescent only Review by Roger incandescent only Roger

No LEDs!!!! or, use LEDs at your own risk. Mine randomly blink in brightness, or hum.

Posted on 11/14/2016

Didn't last long Review by Blair Didn't last long Blair

Installed in my dining room for the light. Easily linked in with the rest of the system and the isy but it didn't last as long as I would have liked. I believe I had it working for about two years and then one day it just stopped. Went through customer support and did everything they recommended but life would just not come back into it. I'd like to get a new dimmer for the dining room but I don't think I'd buy this model again.

Posted on 10/24/2016

Very happy with Dimmers Review by Newbully Very happy with Dimmers Newbully

I have probably 10 dimmers and several more switches. All of them operated with the ISY994 and they work well and...

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