Questions about: underlayment

Underlayment If you have a vinyl floor in your home and you have wood sub floors, most likely you will have underlayment. Underlayment is used to provide a smoother substrate for some floor coverings, like sheet vinyl. It is also used to raise one ar
Hi, I am building a 2 story house wood frame house(with basement) that is heated with radiant hot water system installed in the floor. The joists have been blown in with loose fill cellulose (for both sound and to keep the heat up) and a plywood floo
I have recently purchased an engineered wood floor and wish to install this over underfloor heating (A Nu-Heat water based solution which sits between the joists). The joists are currently covered with a thin layer of plywood and my plan is to instal
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Can ceramic tile be installed over my existing particle board?Because ceramic tile is rigid and somewhat brittle, a strong underlayment is the most important part of the ceramic tile installation. Interior-grade plywood and particle board are not a s
My question is how should I go about laying tile over this? I have the 3/4" wood floor to tie into so I don't want to go too crazy with additional underlayment. From some initial research, it seems my best option might be to go with a layer of 1/2" p