Up and over garage door transformation


This up and over door is working properly, but I would like to make the house more accessible.

This door is a bit heavy and you have to work against gravity to open in entirely. My idea was to cut it in two pieces, make some modifications to the frame, keep one third hinged to the left side as it is currently, and hinge the two other thirds to the right side. The walls are made of bricks. Also it would make the door simpler and easier to service by getting rid of all those springs and rails.

My main concern is about hinging the right panel to the wall. How can I determine if the door itself will be strong enough to support its own weight and not twist ? The right panel is a 2mx2m square (6'6"). I'm not sure about the hinges...

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After I put

Insulate the Garage

on the Garage Workshop punch list, I realized we’d lose heat through the garage door if we didn’t replace it with a new insulated garage door.

Then I fell over at the price of insulated garage doors.

I wondered if I could save myself a truck full of money and the hassle of installing a new garage door and disposing of the old one ethically by insulated my current garage door.

Turns out you can. Whew!

I looked at garage door insulation options.

Spray foam is the best insulator because it gets into the nooks and cracks of the structure before it dries rock hard. This will be a problem if/when the spray foam gets into the door mechanisms. It’s not a DIY job, it's the most expensive option, and most likely will make my garage door too heavy to open and close properly – pass.
Reclaimed/recycled cotton bat insulation They make some cotton bat insulation from recycled denim. However, it is still soaked...
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This Morning fashion presenter Rochelle Humes took to her Instagram account on Monday to share a gorgeous hair transformation photo of her from a baby to recent times to show fans how her curly hair has changed. Click to see photo

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The Up & Over style of garage door is the standard type of garage door which most people would think of as a garage door. One of the most popular designs around, the Up & Over is a classic and simple garage door which allows for good value for money as well as great functionality. The main reasons we love Up & Over doors are:

Traditional Garage door Widest range of designs and colours available Electrical automation potential Simple mechanism

There are actually two different styles of Up & Over door; the Canopy Up & Over (which slightly protrudes the frame to form a canopy), and the Retractable Up & Over, which fully retracts into the garage when open. This style can be converted to an electric opening easily, but due to the mechanism for opening, can restrict the opening – something to bear in mind when allowing for getting in and out with cars!

Let’s take a look at why the Up & Over door is one of our most popular...

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Cheap garage conversion ideas garage transformation ideas garage conversion ideas sydney. before and after garage conversion pictures garage conversion designs uk garage conversion ideas and costs. Stylish garage conversion garage conversion ideas playroom garage conversion ideas uk. View in gallery small garage conversion ideas uk garage conversion ideas pictures.

After home office garage conversion by simon wiffen garage conversion ideas sydney garage conversion ideas apartment. Passage buhan transformation of a garage into a single storey house ideasgn10 fabredemarien small garage conversion ideas uk garage conversion ideas apartment. The opposite one is said to whats your concept relating to a garage conversion what would you wish to have as an alternative of it an office garage transformation ideas garage conversion designs uk.

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Detached Garage...

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Hormann Up and Over Garage Doors

Hormann up and over garage doors are durable, reliable garage doors which fall into two main categories for the type of mechanism - canopy gear or retractable gear. This is how the garage door panel opens and closes and both operating mechanisms have their advantages and disadvantages in different applications.

Remember that any up and over garage door always requires a fixing sub frame - either in timber or steel. It will not fit properly to any structure without the sub frame! This frame needs to be fitted inbetween or behind the structure as required by the size or preference.

Jump to: Sizing // Colour and Finishes // Automation

Hormann Canopy Up & Over Doors

The Hormann canopy garage door is the simplest and easiest type of garage door mechanism for installation, its name is derived from the fully opened garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the sub frame to form a canopy. It...

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Series 2000 steel doors are timeless in appearance, never ageing your property. Whether choosing one of the ribbed or panelled designs, they offer a quiet elegance blending in with any environment whilst giving a lasting prestige. The doors are galvanised with a high-quality polyester powder-coating and come protected against adverse weather conditions and corrosion, maintaining the long term beauty of the door.

You can also get these doors in timber. Whatever the style of your property, traditional or modern architecture, our styles of timber doors in either panelled or tongued and grooved design, offer you the choice to find a style that will add warmth and character to your home. The carefully selected cedar wood is not only chosen for its aesthetic beauty but also for its natural durability, insulation and sound absorption.

If low maintenance is an important factor to you, a Glass Reinforced Polyester door is just what you’re looking for. While requiring minimum...

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Up and over garage doors are by far the most common garage door type here in the UK, and with their easy-to-use functionality, and vast array of styles and finishes - it’s easy to see why.

The simple one-piece design allows up and over garage doors to be operated with low effort and great speed - making them the ideal option if you’re planning on using your garage for the job it was actually born for; to shelter your cherished motorcar!

The most important thing to know here, is that there are two types of up and over doors to choose from; either retractable or canopy. These terms simply refer to the type of operating mechanism the door uses to open and close.

A commonality across both types is that they need to be fixed to a sub frame - in either steel or timber. Without a sub frame, you’ll be unable to install it, so whether you’re ordering a replacement, or drawing up plans for an all-new garage, do ensure you’ve accounted for a sub frame.

In our...

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Has your garage been taken over by junk? Maybe not trash but items that we store thinking we may need to use them someday such as empty boxes, outdated electronics, sports gear, etc.

It’s time to clear that stuff out to make way for the new. Garage organizing is a huge topic which we’ve covered before and one of the biggest motivators is to hold a garage sale and stick to the date.

Once you’ve made some room in your garage it’s not necessary to fill back up every nook and cranny with more stuff but there are some essential tools that every garage workshop should have which will prepare you to tackle any project that comes your way.

Clean Workspace
The number one reason for having a clean workspace is safety. Getting things off the floor will prevent you from tripping and also make it easier for you to see items when they are hanging on the wall or organized neatly. By clearing off your work table you have the most room to operate and won’t...

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Timber Or Steel Sub-Frames

It is worth bearing in mind that all types of up + over garage doors require a fixing sub-frame in order to work properly. The convenience of being able to open up the whole of the doorway’s width relies on such a frame which also holds the garage door out of the way, overhead, when it is opened. These sub-frames are available in a choice of either timber or steel and can be tailored to the exact dimensions of your garage. Remember that an up + over design of garage door will simply not fit directly into a garage structure without the addition of a sub frame, so don’t be fooled by prices which are quotations for the door itself alone. Expertly fitted by our professional team, the garage door’s sub-frame will sit between, or lie just behind, the structure’s opening to give a simple movement to the door which takes little or no effort every time it is...

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If you are looking to develop more living space in your home, then utilising the space in a garage is likely to be one of the easiest ways to achieve it. Adding to your home without the costs of new construction, a garage conversion is a relatively straightforward DIY project. Converting a garage can provide the extra space you need to add a dining room, a living room or a den. Often garages are altered to cater for a specialist function, like a games room or a home office.

Work With The Space You Have.

If you have a large garage which can house multiple vehicles and which has a second floor, converting to an extra living space may not be the ideal solution, after all. Larger properties can be devalued if they don’t have a dedicated space for car storage. Only convert your garage if the available space is at a premium. It is for this reason that most garage conversions are undertaken in urban and suburban areas. It is always worth checking with the local authorities...

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Our line of retail garage door openers for homeowners encourages DIY installation and is sold at home center retailers across the U.S. View our products.


Screw Drive Garage Door Openers. A screw-drive system utilizes a steel drive screw that is directly engaged with the motor. This system is maintenance free, requires ...


Garage door openers from Grainger include continuous duty, medium duty, and heavy duty motors suitable for residential or commercial applications.


Shipping Speed Items & Addresses; FREE 2-day shipping: Items sold by Walmart.com that are marked eligible on the product and checkout page with the logo


LiftMaster Garage Door Openers are available in belt...

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The garage door has become an integral part of the house in that last 50 years, especially in residential areas of the US. They are the main entry units into the house, and have a great deal to do with the curb appeal of your home. Upgrading your garage door can add a huge amount of style and value to your home, with an average of 1,100$ of value being added with a new garage door. Being in constant contact with the elements leaves many garage doors in need of a makeover, and we decided to make a list of some cool ideas that you can do yourself that will leave your garage door looking classy and distinguished! Set your house apart from the crowd with some simple enhancements that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Garage Door Makeover with Stain to Create a Faux Wood Effect

This project is simple and has a huge effect on the look of your home. I didn’t know that simple stains can make a faux wood look that is very convincing. It’s actually pretty easy to do,...

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What's in your garage? Keep its contents safe from the elements by applying the right garage door weather stripping and garage door seals and using garage door thresholds designed specifically for preventing debris, rain and dust from getting in. North Shore Commercial Door has one of the Internet's most comprehensive collections of garage door weather seals and insulating products available. We've made it easy to find what you need quickly and painlessly, whether it is a garage door bottom weather seal, a garage door top section seal or a storm shield threshold.

Our inventory is full of weather seals and insulators that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep unwanted dirt, leaves and water from getting into your garage. The durable, reliable products in our catalog are ideal for commercial and residential applications.

North Shore Commercial Door only carries garage door seals manufactured with the best materials, and each item in our inventory is cost-effective....

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