UPS to bypass tripping a fuse?


You could use the UPS to defer some of the load while the microwave runs. I did this as a kid. I had only 15 amps to live on in my room, and my microwave are up a good ten of them. So I kept a 3000kva ups charged and ready, and when I used the microwave a load sensor I installed anr programmed automatically isolated the UPS from mains and my computer ran on UPS battery while popcorn popped. When the microwave was done, the UPS was reconnected and began recharging.

You can use a UPS to "smooth out" load, To a degree. You're limited by the runtime of the UPS batteries. And it's WAY better to just run a new circuit.

Run 12-gague wire, and install 20A breakers and outlets. (Or pay your landlord to do this.) You won't regret...

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There are two primary types of UPS bypasses; the Static Bypass and the Maintenance Bypass:

Static Bypass

A static bypass is fitted to almost all On-line UPS; it forms the second line of defence. Should the inverter fail, the static bypass ensures the load drops automatically onto the mains input feed.

With an On-line UPS, if an inverter fails, it will, in all probability, occur whilst mains power is present.

A static bypass is in almost all cases part of the UPS internal circuitry and may be invoked manually using an external switch. In larger UPS, it will probably synchronise the UPS output with the mains cycle before switching, so may take a few seconds to engage.

Maintenance Bypass

Known more descriptively as a wraparound bypass, this is fitted externally to the UPS and enables the UPS to be isolated for maintenance or repair without interrupting power to the load. On larger UPS the internal static bypass should be engaged before...

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4.5.4 Sleep and wake-up

Probably your UPS monitoring software allows you to program a "sleep period" of the UPS by

sending two commands to the UPS:

- shutdown after # minutes and subsequently:

- shutdown during # hours.

After the first command the following screen appears:







4.5.5 Overload protection in bypass mode

The LP 31 will protect itself in case of overload.

Upon an overload, which is caused by abnormal circumstances, the UPS will switch to bypass

operation, and subsequently the bypass input fuse on the front panel will trip.

The capacity of the bypass fuse allows it to handle the inrush currents of the equipment

connected to the UPS.

The fuse will only trip after more than an hour at:

LP 31 / 8 kVA:

LP 31 / 10 kVA:

LP 31 / 15 kVA:

LP 31 / 20 kVA:


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Nuisance Tripping

Excess current protection devices, otherwise known as Circuit Breakers, are common place all the way from the generation plants to the home. It's when they break the flow of power, for no apparent reason, that they start getting a seriously bad name (and the user vowing to install the old faithful fuse!). Further to this, one circuit tripping can lead to others also detecting a fault and deciding it's 'time to take a rest'.

This is owing to the fact that when a protection circuit trips, the load is suddenly removed from the source. Depending on the size of the load, the impedance of the source, and the fault condition causing the trip, the source voltage can suddenly shift many volts inducing higher-than-normal currents causing further trips down the line - a chain reaction. Entire towns can lose power through this type of event with tripping circuits set slightly too sensitive.

It must be remembered that the...

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