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The line drains toward the top of the picture and out to the sewer. The builder installed a furnace and placed it such that it didn't cover any of these pipes: The placement of the furnace would have blocked a wall I want to put in to finish the base
Grammar exercises including all past tenses - Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Past Simple Continuous and Present Perfect Tenses A. 1. I was seeing my first baseball game when I lived in New York
Our Bosch dish-washing machine (SGS 6902EU/07) is no longer filling in with water, displaying "F" on the led panel. Opening the side panel I see that no water is flowing in from the water mains. The dishwasher is using an Aquastop 's main water inlet
While prepping to install a new kitchen faucet, I went to shut off the water supply to the house since there were no valves under the sink. I mistakenly chose to turn the city-side (gate valve) supply off instead of the home-side (ball valve). When I
I'm not a professional plumber (though I did work on water treatment systems for several years), but in my opinion what you did is fine. Gate and globe (stop) valves are prone to corrosion and generally wear out over time. Ball valves are much more d
I have a 1/2" od PVC outside my home with a steady drip of water. It is a few inches above the line that runs to the TPR valve on the water heater (confirmed by opening the valve). It's not the AC condenser line either
Question is not clear. Do you have programming problem with the timer? Or problem locating sprinkler heads? Or a sprinkler valve problem? Add a comment with detailed information. Sprinkler timer turns ON-and-OFF
A complex arrangement of rigid steelpiping and stop valves regulate flow to various parts of the building Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other ap
Control is a wonderful thing to have. Not in the tyrannical, totalitarian sense, of course. But in the day-to-day sense, control over the minor things in life goes a long way in maintaining sanity