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I have a full wall vanity mirror (70" x 42") in my bathroom wall. I need to drill some holes through it in order to install a vanity light. I realized that if the mirror is made from tempered glass it might shatter completely if I try to drill on it
Last week I transformed a horrible looking writing desk in Part 2 of my Road-Rescue Series. Today I’m going to show you exactly how I repaired the top by sharing some easy tips on how to remove veneer. Although it looks like a big job, with these qui
I might be wrong, but I'm "Picturing" (hint-hint) that you have a Regular T which has both drains aligned with each other & gravity's supposed to drop the water down the drain that's perfectly in the middle of both sinks. Like this. This might be
I am installing a new vanity / top combo in a bathroom I am in the process of remodeling. I leveled and roughed the base and placed the vanity top (provided with the base) on to check the fit and align it with the p-trap. Everything was fine followin
As country handyman says, if the're already supplying enough you don't need to change them. However, if you're seeing a temp increase when you flush, then you ARE losing pressure, and the hot is making up for it, unbalancing your temperature. I'll wa
Note: Feel free to edit the title of this question if you know of a better way to put it. I got a new bathroom vanity (cabinet and sink top). In spite of its high price, the quality is not so good