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DIY tips How to stain or paint a new wood garage door with semi-transparent stain. Garage door painting hacks. Make that garage door look like a professional stained it and to last for at least 7 years
YES/NO. I could find two answers: no and yes. The no was marketed by manufacturers of large air purifiers containing full-blown HEPA while the yes by the below research on asthma, disabilities and seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
As others have mentioned, you could use that large rock to your advantage, but for less money, you can simply design your house to take advantage of passive cooling methods. Quickly, I'll preface that I get most of these ideas from the visitor center
A well-ventilated attic offers four benefitsIt prevents mildew growth and rot on your roof's framing and sheathing by reducing moisture buildup. It helps prevent ice dams in winter by keeping your roof colder. It extends the life of your shingles by
At my old house, we replaced the HVAC with a high efficiency unit that came with a thermostat that would blow, say, 50% to 70% of the time for air movement to increase comfort level. I'm not sure but I think I recall that it was a variable speed fan
Sounds like dehumidification might be the answer. The cause of the dank "basement" smell, is high humidity. Removing moisture from the air is a side effect of refrigeration, which is why the air conditioner helps
I have a 1920's home in Ohio, and have NO soffit venting in the house. There are 2 gable vents, with one small temp-controlled fan (set to turn on ~95 F or higher). There is also a ridge vent
I have a hip-roofed garrison colonial in New England, with blown-in cellulose. I have two whole-house fans ("half-house fans"?), and to give enough attic venting I have continuous soffit vents on all four sides of the house. Problem: some of the cell