Venting by gas meter

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A few years ago I was asked to inspect the mechanical systems in some university housing units at a university in the Midwest. The school had hundreds of apartments in numerous buildings that had combination water heater/heating hot water units that provided heating hot water to a coil in the adjacent A/C unit. The units were about 10 years old. There were also reported problems of not having enough hot water and some units were getting calls for not enough heat in the peak winter months.

A brief site visit was scheduled and an inspection of a couple of unoccupied units was done. The inspection revealed combination water heaters with a coil to provide heating hot water to the adjacent A/C unit. The flues had purple/ brownish PVC pipes with yellowish/tan colored PVC pipe fittings used as flue materials. The flue pipes were obviously deformed from heat and they were sagging. A maintenance guy for the University said that there had been some really bad ones that had...

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Is a water heater vent an important part of your home. Yes, for more than one reason. Your gas hot water heater needs air to operate. Once the gas is burned the fumes need somewhere to go.

Not sure if this is your problem? See the article on 'How To Troubleshoot Gas Water Heater Problems' for a complete listing of issues and the resources to solve the problems.

The first thing to check would be the 'Draft on the Water Heater Vent'. The next major concern would be 'blockages', 'Blocked Water Heater Vents' and 'Blocked Chimney Flues' cover these issues. Read below for an overview on this subject.

Poor venting can cause your water heater to burn inefficiently. It can also be dangerous, since the burner produces carbon monoxide. What are the problems? Can you fix them yourself? You can learn to solve this problem yourself.

Local building departments have differing requirements for venting a hot water heater and they should be consulted when questions arise....

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