Venting exhaust fan through separate stack vent


The state-of-the-art high-rise construction demands mechanical and energy-saving ventilation. Mono-pipe ventilation system that enables air exhaust from several premises through a single ventilation shaft is the most common solution for such application. Several flats can be connected to one ventilation shaft. Correct ventilation arrangement is of special importance for flat reconstruction and rearrangements.

The flexible ventilation system is the ideal solution just for such cases. It is designed at the construction stage and meets a number of important requirements such as fire safety, minimum mounting space, modern design, simple functions and operation modes of the fans for maximum comfort in the apartment. VENTS VN fans fully meet these requirements as they combine maximum operating efficiency and absolute fire safety (modification in fireproof casing).

Ventilation arrangement in residential houses with mono-pipe system

Fresh air intake

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A bathroom exhaust fan is an inexpensive upgrade that packs a value punch. The shoe-box-size fan clears obnoxious bathroom odors (priceless!) and removes moisture, which protects your home and health, and reduces maintenance costs.

And, it turns out, everyone wants one. Exhaust fans are the No. 1 feature homebuyers want in a bathroom, says a National Association of Home Builders report. Ninety percent ranked exhaust fan as No. 1, with linen closet second, and a separate tub and shower as third. Who knew?

Still, many homes don’t have a bathroom fan. Although the fans are required by building code in many places, older homes — pre-1960s — didn’t routinely install them. And homeowners today may be reluctant to retrofit bathrooms with an appliance that requires venting to snake through attics, joists, soffits, and ultimately punctures an exterior wall or roof.

We feel your fear, and we’re here to help. Below, we break down everything you need to know about...

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DEAR TIM: I have several inexpensive builder-grade exhaust fans in my home. They are noisy, and I don't feel they do a good job of getting rid of the moist air produced while showering. Is it possible to get high-performance ventilation with little or no noise? I would like a bathroom exhaust fan with a light. Can you tell me how to install a bathroom fan so I do not cause any damage to my home? Faith F., Mt. Crawford, VA

DEAR FAITH: Bathroom fans are a critical part of a home-ventilation system. A bathroom exhaust fan, improperly installed, can create all sorts of hidden damage to a home. All too often, installers just let the moist air escape into an attic space. This moist air can condense on the cooler surfaces in the attic. This liquid water on the wood surfaces creates mold and can lead to serious wood rot.

The good news for you is that the exact fan you are looking for is available. It has been around for years, but many builders choose to install cheaper fans...

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Specifications & Errors in Direct Vent, Side-Wall Vent, & Condensing Boiler or Furnace Vent installations:

This article describes common mistakes found in both side wall vent systems for conventional & mid-range-efficiency heating boilers, furnaces & water heaters and also mistakes in low temperature side wall vent systems used by high efficiency or condensing boilers, furnaces & water heaters.

We include links to example installation specifications for side wall vented hearers from manufacturers of several brands.

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Direct Vent Exhaust for Heating Flues: Installation & Inspection Questions & Answers

Reader Question: is it ok to install an elbow on the outside plastic direct-vent exhaust to avoid ice...

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Most homeowners and builders believe that attics should be vented. If you walk down to your local lumberyard and lean on the counter, the employees and nearby customers will offer a variety of opinions about why attics need to be vented. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that the statements you hear will be true.

Here are the four most common reasons people suggest to explain the practice of venting attics:

To reduce the chance of moisture build-up in the attic or condensation on the underside of the roof sheathingMaterial, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), but sometimes wooden boards, installed on the exterior of wall studs, rafters, or roof trusses; siding or roofing installed on the sheathing—sometimes over strapping to create a rainscreen. . To make roofing shingles last longer. To lower cooling bills during the summer. To reduce the chance of ice dams.

Although attic ventilation is sometimes able to contribute in a very small way to addressing...

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Recycling Brings Freedom. The original composting toilet for Mobile and Marine applications, no muss and no fuss, no changing containers, no pouring out urine. Self-contained and with a little maintenance works like a charm!

The Sun-Mar Mobile was the first composting toilet specifically designed to recycle waste on boats and recreational vehicles. Less pump-outs! No more chemical toilets! Recycling brings freedom, with the ODOR-FREE operation of a Sun-Mar.

Although the Sun-Mar Mobile uses Sun-Mar's tried and true three-chamber system, "marinizing" the unit led to some interesting adaptations. The need to be able to handle violent motion meant that the finishing drawer had to be gasketed so that no liquid could escape from the evaporating chamber.

The air intakes face the same problem. These have to be located higher up and the air ducted down to the evaporating chamber.

At the same time, a special drum locker ensures...

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Boilers - Commercial

The Crest is Lochinvar's newest High Efficiency Boiler. It features a 25:1 turndown modulating burner and achieves efficiencies up to 99%. As this is a fire tube style boiler, it can be installed in full flow applications with flows as low as 20GPM. Each model comes with the SMART TOUCH touch screen operating control, which includes a service indicator, contractor-accessible password protection, outdoor air reset and modbus communication. Best of all, the SMART TOUCH has a built-in lead/lag control sequencer capable of controlling up to 8 boilers. Models available are 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 3500 MBH Input.

With the exclusive Wave fire-tube design, advancements in Lochinvar combustion technology and the SMART TOUCH™ control, CREST changed how the industry thinks about fire-tube boilers. Now, three new CREST boilers, with 750,000, 1.0 million and 1.25 million Btu/hr inputs, deliver 96.2% thermal efficiency.


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Side venting the clothes dryer: many lessons learned

This is not a recent project, but one that I’ve been meaning to share because it might be helpful to others. When we bought our house, it came with an old school washer and dryer in the kitchen. They took up almost the whole wall on the far side of the room. (Also check out that horrible fake wood counter and backsplash. Those came out in short order too.)

One of our first big purchases for the house was a new Samsung front-loading washer and dryer. We got a good deal on them from Lowes by using one of those coupons you get when you change your address, plus one of those appliance sales they have several times a year. We had the installers stack them, which allowed us to move our refrigerator from its original location just inside the kitchen doorway. That really opened up the room.

But there was a problem. Isn’t there always something? The back door to the house opens toward the...

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