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Latex CaulkUse latex caulk to protect your vinyl floor from leaks in the bathtub. The last thing you want to find one evening is a floor full of water that has leaked from your tub or toilet and ruined the vinyl floor. Although there are several diff
Edit- (based on the comment "my ex-husband already laid the tiles without spacing for grout")I don't like to promote products, but I'm not aware of any other silane vinyl sealers, so try a product called Infuze. Here's the technical data sheet. Like
NO- Peel and stick vinyl is a trap! Glue-goop seeps up from the seams after about a year, making black blobs on the floor (to clean, scrub with a putty knife, weekly at least), while at the same time dirt begins to find its way under the edges of the
I have seen vinyl floors where the glue was put down unevenly (sparingly in some areas), and by comparison the areas without enough glue were visibly damaged on top from wear. So, I think that (for whatever reason) vinyl floors which are not (well) a
A subfloor is an important aspect that shouldn't be ignored. Installing a basement subfloor has many benefits. The major difference between a basement which has subfloor and one that hasn't is a warm walkable surface
For example, a waterproof, vinyl wall panel may be ideal for your bathroom, yet look too cheap for your living room. With so many materials and faux styles of decorative wall panels available, such as brick, bamboo, wood and fabric, it's usually quit