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ArchonOSX's right of course that the best solution is to remove everything. But, if that's just not going to happen until hell freezes over for a 2nd time. Then, a few thoughts come to mind
Quick-Step Laminate floors expand and contract in function of changing relative humidity conditions in the room. The HDF core board is isotropic and works, equal in both length and width. This means it is extremely important to have expansion joints
You’ve got your gloves on, your paint covered overalls ready to go and your boots laced tight – you’re almost ready for installing your own vinyl flooring. But before you can stand back and admire your new kitchen or bathroom floor, there’s a thing o
Here's a few tricks I've learned from cleaning up a few old wooden handplanes, where I wanted them to look nice without taking all the patina off: give it a rub-down with oil, either curing (e. g. linseed oil), or non-curing (e
The Masonite coverage was sufficient that replacement was not trivial. Since this is an apartment and not my own home, cost was a factor. The first good thing I did was take out those pieces which had water damage as no solution seemed to make good i
First of all, I am REALLY not the manual type of guy. I am renting this place, with this flooring in the entrance and the kitchen, that is in very bad shape. It's old, very used, which males it very dirty very quickly
Hey, hey Remodelaholic peeps! It’s Jessica from Mom 4 Real, back to share a fun and budget friendly idea for your kitchen! I have seen plank walls everywhere, and absolutely love them! When I started making over my kitchen, I was looking for an inexp
Hi analvg, Mark has some good advice. You can remove it yourself but as he says, you need to 'understand' a little about asbestos. Asbestos isn't really a respiratory problem unless it becomes airborne (as you've already read