Wall outlet dead, no power to outlet


Since the question specifically states:

I dont have any of those wall outlets with the built in breakers

I assume you mean there are no GFCI receptacles in the house which look like this:

nitpick: GFCIs are not breakers, they trip based on current imbalance, not total current draw.

You also have nonfunctional outlets, making it difficult to determine which circuit they belong to.

The safest way to inspect this wiring is to shut off power to the entire house (the main breaker) then remove the faceplates and receptacles that are nonfunctional. Inspect them and the wiring in the boxes for damage.

Look for any discoloration of metal components or wire insulation indicating burning or melting.

Look for any wires that are disconnected from the outlets or wire nuts, which may indicate a surge of electricity that made the wires "pop" out (sometimes in older construction you will find wires taped together, or with wire nuts that do...

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Video: How to Connect Wires to Terminal Screws

Troubleshooting the outlet

When an outlet goes dead, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume the worst. But more often than not, the problem is something simple, and you can save the cost of a service call just by taking a few steps to trace the cause. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable doing electrical work. Better than half the time, you’ll solve the problem without even lifting a tool. We’ll show you how to start your search for the problem by checking in the most likely places. If that doesn’t work, we’ll show you where to look for loose connections that may be to blame, and how to fix them.

Of course, there will always be problems that are best left to an electrician. But if you take these steps first, there’s a good chance you’ll find the solution.

Check for Simple Solutions First

Shortly after moving into our house, we had an electrical problem. The exterior outlets and bathroom...

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This question and answer page will help you to troubleshoot why there is no power going to outlets in one room or on one wall. Remember to always remove or disconnect power before troubleshooting electrical issues.

Question: The power outlets along one wall are no longer getting power to them. The outlets that stopped working are located in our kitchen. This problem is only happening on one wall not the complete room. The dining room and kitchen are side by side and separated by a wall with the outlets that are not working. The outlets on the dining room side wall are still working. So our issue is just one wall of outlets in our kitchen where we plug in all of our appliances is not working. We checked the breaker box in the garage and no circuit breakers have been tripped. There is no GFI reset button on the outlets to press. What can I do to troubleshoot and fix this?

Answer: The first thing to do is to unplug everything that is plugged into all the outlets...

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A wall outlet is a wall-mounted electrical receptacle that provides a point for consumers to plug in various electronic items. Wall outlets provide flexible access to electricity for use with a wide variety of components. Some come with special features designed for specific applications, like devices used in wet environments. It is typically easy to relocate wall outlets as well as to add more to meet household needs, although homeowners may prefer to hire an electrician to do this work.

The design includes one or more electrical sockets designed to accommodate plugs of the most common type used in a region, with a cover to limit exposure to the interior wiring. Older outlets may lack a ground, while newer ones should be grounded in accordance with the electrical code. Some include ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology, which cuts power to the outlet in the event of a ground fault. This type of outlet is most commonly used in wet areas where there is an...

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If a single outlet is dead and all the others on that same circuit are still working fine then the outlet itself is damaged or no longer connected properly. Go to the main panel and turn off the breaker to that circuit. (You do have the circuits identified right? )

Use a circuit tester, or plug a lamp or radio into one of the other outlets on that circuit to make sure the power is really off. Remove the cover plate from the problem outlet, unscrew the top and bottom screws that hold the outlet in place and carefully pull it out of the box. Look for loose wires, burned marks etc. If a wire is loose, tighten the screw that holds it, plug a tester into the outlet and make sure none of the bare wire or contacts are touching anything. Then turn the power back on and see if the outlet works properly. If it does, turn the power off again and reinstall the outlet and cover.

If the outlet does not work then use a neon tester to see if there is power going to the outlet....

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Adam Klic

Last Updated June 03, 2017 12:21 PM

I removed a half hot switched as it was no longer useful and put a guided light receptacle in place of it. the new receptacle works perfectly(awesome right), the outlets that the switch controlled not at all.

when I removed the old switch I was left with a black(hot), a white(neutral), and blue(ground) wire

in unfortunate case wires broke and I had to pull more from the wall where they had been daisy chained together(again awesome)

finally the horrible stuff in the end I am left with 2 black a white and a blue wire never good.

any ideas on how to restore power to the outlets?

nothing needs to be dimmed or have augmented power I need to restore full power to the outlets nothing less or...

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Usually when an electrical outlet goes dead, the solution is something basic as well as you can save the price of a service phone call by doing the work yourself. We’ll reveal you just what’s associated with fixing a dead outlet This short article covers ways to begin your look for the trouble by checking in the most likely places. If that doesn’t function, we’ll show you where to search for loosened links that might be at fault, as well as ways to fix them.

We take power for given, delicately plugging in products as well as simply anticipating that they’ll work. When you locate an electric outlet not working, it’s not only aggravating– it could likewise be an indication of a more serious issue. If your power outlets don’t work and you need them fixed right away, consider calling a 24 hour emergency electrician to fix your power quickly.

This video will help you get started before you read the full guide

1. How do you troubleshoot an electrical...

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Do you need extra outlets, and you'd rather plug into a wall? Power bars are unsightly and who wants extension cords snaking all over the floor? Besides, these can be fire hazards as well as overly attractive to small children.

Maybe you are changing the location of the TV or installing an over-the-range microwave, or maybe you bought a new computer desk. Whatever the reason, there isn't a handy outlet for the equipment and you need one. This is when it becomes necessary to add a new plug-in by wiring it into an existing one.

This article will walk you through not only the mechanics of putting a new electrical outlet into the wall, but also running the wire and tapping into the existing circuit. The tools and materials will be discussed as well as the procedures and tips for doing the job in the easiest manner possible.

While the task will take some work and may involve crawling through attics or crawl spaces, it is not particularly esoteric or difficult to...

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>> We also tried plugging our toaster into the microwave plug outlet, and the toaster wouldn't work in that outlet, but worked just fine in a different outlet in the RV.

This means the outlet you plug your microwave into needs to be fixed in addition to fixing the oven. Breaker? Fuse?

>> I understand from another RV forum that microwave ovens for RVs have "special circuitry and cooling features" not found in regular countertop ovens for household use.

Not really in my experience. Any microwave supplied with clean AC power and proper venting space will be fine.

But I'd bet your microwave can be fixed affordably.

The main internal things which can result in this model being dead (no display, no light when you open the door, no beep when you press a pad on the keypad) would be the 20A fuse and the magnetron temperature fuse. There could also be bad connections on the noise filter board.

Also, sometimes a power surge can cause the power to be...

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You need to plug one into a

wall outlet

near a switch or network wall drop, and the other into an AC

wall outlet

where you need the new Ethernet access.

II BM Unit V Repairing of worn-out skin casing and crown plates around the intersection of radiant SH and re-heater tube area at pent house, arresting flue gas leak in extended side steam cooled

wall outlet

header left and right area, super heater upper side wall inlet header left and right area during 2015-16 annual overhaul

July 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NewerTech, a leading developer of Macintosh, PC, iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories today announced the all-new, next generation NewerTech Power2U dual USB

wall outlet

that enables convenient charging of up to four mobile devices at a single electrical outlet.

The solar powered umbrellas will provide a much needed haven from the sun while also providing a convenient way to charge mobile devices, as fast as a

wall outlet


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Alternatively referred to as a power socket, wall outlet, or wall socket, an outlet is the location of where the power cord or power strip plugs into the wall. The picture is an example of a United States home power outlet.

Warning: If an outlet is not properly grounded it could result in a number of computer problems that include: a computer that does not boot, random errors, and physical damage to the computer. If you believe your outlet may not be grounded or wired properly plug testers can be purchased at a local hardware store to test the wiring of an outlet.

How do I know if a wall outlet is good and working?

The easiest solution to test a wall outlet is to purchase a wire receptacle tester, which can be plugged into the outlet and tell you if the wiring is correct and properly grounded. These testers can be purchased at any local hardware store or online through Amazon.com. These testers can not only tell if you if there is power getting to the socket...

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How to wire an electrical receptacle ("outlet" or "wall plug") when there are just two wires (hot and neutral) but no ground wire.

This article explains that when there is no safe grounding conductor or "ground wire" at an electrical receptacle location you need to choose the proper receptacle type and make the proper wire connections for safety.

This article series describes how to choose, locate, and wire an electrical receptacle in a home. Electrical receptacles (also called electrical outlets or "plugs" or "sockets") are simple devices that are easy to install, but there are details to get right if you want to be safe.

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How to Hook up an Electrical Receptacle (wall outlet) on a Two-Wire Electrical Circuit


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There were so many concerned people, I thought I would responses to a few of them.

Comment 1. This Project isn't Green and wastes a lot of electricity.

I was concerned about this, so i picked up a Kill-a-Watt and did some testing. from what I understand the kill-a-watt can't measure under 1A, so there is a margin of error. Even after 24 hours on the kill-a-watt. it registered 0! so I guess I'm ok with amount of energy loss, especially considering my printer, DV player and other electronics I barely use draw .01 per hour and more.

Comment 2. The heat from these units are going to cause your house to burn down.

Again this did concern me, and for the first few weeks, every time I walked by this outlet I felt it for any sign of warmth. I found that even with 2 ipods charging, there was no noticible amount of heat from the transformers. However I did notice that the dimmer switch I have in close proximity gets warm, but not enough to cause damage. ...

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My cousin asked me, the Lazy Old Geek, how to buy a power supply for a laptop. Here are some quick tips.

The first two pictures are a laptop power supply and a ‘wall wort’ power supply (I have no idea what it was for).

Power supply labels typically specify:
Input: the electrical requirements coming from the AC outlet.
Voltage: often a range
Type: usually AC, sometimes AC is indicated by a (~) wavy line.
Current: in Amps (this is the maximum required, may draw less)
Sometimes Hz: 50 or 60Hz, for this type of supply
Output: the requirements coming out of the power supply
Voltage: a fixed voltage
Type: can be DC or AC sometimes indicated by a (~) wavy line.
Current: in Amps

There are several pictures of various power supply labels.

Important Tip: The most important information is the output voltage and current (and type). The voltage is fixed. The current is...

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