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Get a rub-stick lead test kit, they're very easy & cheap. My understanding is that you didn't ban lead paint until 1990 in the stores. Bright yellow is a clear indicator it's lead, that started out navy blue
Figure out how many layers there are. One layer of dry-strippable wallpaper will take no more than a few hours to remove, but if you have more than one layer, things can start to get tricky. Peel back a corner of wallpaper and see what's behind it
A feature wall created with suede effect paint can really make a room stand out. It adds a touch of elegance that a simple, solid coat of paint just can't achieve. If you'd love to introduce the Old World look of Mediterranean decorating to your stud
There is a product designed for decoupage projects called Mod Podge that is sold at many arts and crafts stores which will seal the paper, and protect it. However it would not be durable enough to just use that, so it would have to be sealed with an
Tips on how to remove wallpaper so that you can re-paper or paint your walls You won't know how hard - or easy - removing that old wallcovering will be until you try. Here are a few guidelines to help you to learn how to remove wallpaper and either r