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By: Ben Erickson Whether it’s a priceless work of art or a collection of family photographs, it’s important that what you hang on your walls stays put. While attaching directly to studs provides the most security, they are often not located in the id
I think what I'd do is try and spread the load across several columns and several rows. I'd get myself some lumber, say 2x6 pine/fir, and stain and seal it. I'd run two 48" lengths vertically behind the mounting plates of the bar, with the bulk of th
Would be much easier to do in plaster, even if textured. The images below, are of an old window opening, overlapped by a new double door install. As forgiving as that dark paint was (2007), if they painted that room white today (2016), it would still
The box itself is needed to pull this off, the box must shoulder against the wall to stop any flexing. Typically, you'd install picture frames of 2x4's on the wall, screwed (preferably Lag Screwed) into the studs & floor joists. I wouldn't go any
Refer to image below, I would like to know are my wall and the custom build L brackets able to hold around 50kg includes table top. Any bracket with those ratios should have a gusset added to it. If you look at any factory made longer L-brackets that
Overview: The method and key toolsIf you’re a skilled drywall taper or plasterer, you probably use a hawk and trowel to skim-coat walls. We don’t expect to change your mind if you use those tools as second hands. But if you’re a remodeler who does on
I prefer the on-flat for the best fire sealing & another couple of inches for wall positioning. This can be done, without 6" screws or using easily split 2x2's. By, drilling a small hole, the size of the screw's Threads, through the 2x4
by Yoshiyahu Last Updated March 13, 2016 08:09 AM I am building a few temporary wall panels for a little nook in my basement. I would like to be able to put them up and take them down frequently. To do that, I would like to install latches that conne
If the frames aren't important & are at least a few mm's wide, then it would be best to actually secure the pictures by drilling the frame & screwing them directly to the wall. Either, directly into the structural framing or into one of many
I live in a 5 story condo, on 2nd floor. I wanted to remove this foyer (in picture labeled as ENTRY). I see joists running across the room, left to right in the picture