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I don't think they're made anymore, but I heard them called Register Mounts, Extensions & Collars. I looked for replacements a few times & ended up with nothing to end up wire brushing them back to bare & spray painting them, good as new.
The easy and fairly attractive solution is to use sound attenuation panels. You'll often see these in home theater settings. Hang them on the walls like you would a picture
Stand-up Meetings are a simple, yet effective, way of getting teams to communicate, commit to short term goals and solve problems. There is a proposed format for stand-up meetings which suggests that each team member should provide answers to the fol
I've been trying to mount a TV on my wall, and have encoutnered a problem locating and drilling into studs. I used a stud detector to look for studs in my wall, and proceeded to drill. Instead, I have just hit a metal plate
I'm trying to replaster the walls in an old house in Taiwan. Due to both the extreme humidity here and the shorter drying/curing times, I would prefer to use setting-type plaster over drying-type. I think I've found these products and their names in
Follow internal walls up through your structure. Starting at the basement (or, if you don't have one, the first floor), locate your internal walls, which, as you can probably guess, are the walls inside your four external walls. Follow each internal
I am doing some renovations on our home and would like to open up some areas but not sure if the walls are load bearing or not I have a three story semidetached home no basement just a crawlspace were furnace is and duck work. also would like to open
Ok, I've drillled a few more holes. If you look at the first picture above with the three holes in a horizontal line, this picture shows some more holes I drilled around the middle hole. There is no wood in the big hole on bottom left and no wood in
Joints To Lengthen Ties And StrutsLapped Joint. - This joint is of a very clumsy appearance, and is only used in work of a temporary nature or in small timber framings hidden from view. It is formed by overlapping the ends of two pieces of timber, an