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Case 1: Bridge Air Gap By Fastening to Building Structure With Overhung-load Bearing FastenersThe air gap problem is quite common: The sheetrock on many walls I have encountered doesn't contact the studs everywhere. So, when you tighten down a TV mou
Anyone who is new to plastering might be forgiven for thinking that it’s simply all about sticking a load of plaster on a wall and smoothing it flat, but anyone with a bit more experience will know that not bothering with the bits before this part ca
In areas where the ground is frozen for most or all of the winter, the amount of moisture that will migrate through the basement floor and walls will drop dramatically in the winter, so the need for dehumidification decreases. However, if you live in
Honestly, this looks like the entire wall is affected by general differential settling and it looks pretty serious judging by the adjacent fencing. If there is ANY chance of the wall falling onto your neighbors - like a child going to get that soccer
Sometimes concrete just doesn't cooperate. I'd say up to an inch out of play is the carpenter's job to deal with. Two and a half inches! is possibly a problem for lawyers
Mounting a Wall Mount Rack The best thing about the Wall Mount Rack is that it can be mounted on a wall (or almost any flat surface), which means it takes up less space and stays out of your way. Depending on the size you select, a Wall Mount Rack ma
One room in the front of our house leaks during a hard driving rain storms. The leaks are at the top of the window and at the floor -- both locations which seem to correspond to locations of weep holes in the exterior brick veneer. Here is a picture
I've removed most of what's there (carpet, panel walls, old ceiling tiles, floor tile, etc) and am at a point where I need to prepare the basement for finishing. What do I need to do to the concrete floor and walls (and maybe the rest of the area) be