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Quick version: You have metal studs. Install tips below. Long version: This is a good question with a lot of detailed information; kudos
You could analyze pipes and wiring, looking for things unaccounted for in the rest of the house. But the only way to know for sure is if you open a hole and have a look. If the lower floor is "half-underground" it would be fairly unusual to have no r
I see rafters in your pics, not trusses. Regardless, in general, you are right that bearing walls don't normally run parallel to the rafters. If it were load bearing, there should be a kneewall (2X4's) built from the rafters or a header down to the d
For example, a waterproof, vinyl wall panel may be ideal for your bathroom, yet look too cheap for your living room. With so many materials and faux styles of decorative wall panels available, such as brick, bamboo, wood and fabric, it's usually quit
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I am not a lawyer. Pro-tip for renters and landlords: unless the security deposit is keep, by it self, in a separate escrow account, you WILL be getting/giving the deposit back IN FULL. What if a landlord does not properly hold a security deposit? If
Behr thinks so, I believe they are correct. I've used both. Try a blind paint test
I live in a 3 story townhouse with a garage in the basement. Off the side of the garage is our furnace room. The ventilation and exhaust for the furnace goes to the roof