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1 Answer Doesn't spin In top load washers, if the machine goes through the cycles and then just stops at the spin cycle and leaves you with no noise and a tub full of water more than likely the lid switch is bad and not completing the circuit for cyc
SOURCE: Bosch WFF1800 - not spinning HI, move the kicking plate on the front-bottom of the machine. You will see o circular lid there, turn it on anti-clockvise to open. All of the water blocked will come from there, be careful
Electrical Plug for a Washer DryerElectrical Question: Will my 240volt 3 prong outlet work with a new dryer with a 250volt with a 4 prong cord? I want to buy a Bosch vent less washer and dryer, the washer dryer combo uses 240volts with 3 prongs. My o
While fishing in small ponds often encounter the following situation: the drill blades hit the grains of sand, different turn in the ice, and even reach the bottom and become quite dull. There can be only one way out - to put on the new ice screw bla
It's not going to be that simple. Unless you support the pipe above where you want to put the rubber boot, it's likely going to come crashing down. Depending on what's above, you might be better off cutting the cast iron where you want, and replacing
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There are probably a dozen ways we can suggest a hack to get it to work. Wire ties, super glue, epoxy, etc. , but they are all going to be hacks
GE front load washer repair can be tricky; however, this page is here to help. The way these washers are designed it is almost impossible to diagnose them without placing them in the service mode. In the service mode you have total control over the w
So yesterday I saw a 1,450 PSI electric pressure washer for around $80, and I was considering buying one to clean the rooftop. But now I'm reconsidering. So, my question is, does low water pressure actually affect the functionality of a pressure wash
[PB] Lumberator - Timber Farming ProfileI made this profile knowing it was flawed and i didn't have the knowledge to fix all the issues myself until there was a better alternative. Scarecrow2 has been working on a plugin for Timber you can find it he