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If you notice a burning smell in your washing machine, the cause could be any number of things. Regardless, this is one smell you shouldn’t ignore. It’s important to quickly diagnose the problem and find the solution
The "Break Vac" is a vacuum breaker component. You'll find similar devices on sprinkler systems to avoid siphoning water back in should the water supply lose pressure, or on frost free spigots to allow water to drain out of the fixture so it can't fr
We grow accustomed to the washing machine working reliably every day, which makes a water backup particularly frustrating. Often correcting the malfunction simply involves clearing a clog from the outlet pipe. Fortunately, simple tools and skills can
"what is the justification for not including them as a matter of course?" there are numerous choices when it comes to type and length of hose. Cheaper rubber hoses, more expensive stainless steel braided jacket rubber hoses, lengths from 4' to 12' lo
GE Top Load Washing Machine Machines Available: 12 Color: White Price = Call 888-205-0884 Look Great! Used in good working condition. Maytag Top Load Washer LA23CD Model No. LA23CD 120V 60HZ 7A MAchines Available: 20 Almond Finish Used in good workin
Hi,  Thanks for contacting  ManageMyLife . I understand how frustrating it is having trouble with your appliance not working. The washer if it is not spinning and is draining could have a problem with the shifter
I have just purchased a Samsung front load washing machine (7kg capacity). So when I was studying its emplacement, I have decided that its drain hose would be over the floor to a avoid an obstacle (the cupboard wood wall). And then it would come up t
A SR101 reader asked me a question about washing machine stains, the kind where you don't have a stain on your clothes before you wash something, but then you take it out of the machine and a stain has now appeared. SR101 Reader asks:I often have sta