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Electric space heaters break down into two basic types: radiant or convection. Radiant models (such as ceramic and quartz portables, under-floor systems, cove heaters and ceiling panels) emit infrared radiation that heats up objects and people direct
I live in an apartment complex where my water baseboard heating is 100% controlled by the complex staff. This year has been particularly tough, as it's been very warm since winter started and even with 18+ inches of snow outside there's little relief
There are no doubts about the facts that there are a number of things a homeowner can do to increase the value of their properties. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not place much of an importance towards their necessities of not only retaining the
Since this is a new-build, I would focus really hard on passive solar design. This is a new concept of building, with different materials and practices - it's not a glue-on afterthought to a conventionally built house). This type of design is likely
I have a Grundfos hot water circulator. After turning off the main to the house and the hot water circulator the other day to change out a valve for our dishwasher, the hot water circulator hasn't been working properly (making horrible noises, not se
It is better to keep a hot water hydronic heating system full of water all the time. This keeps air out, and prevents the inside of the radiators from rusting (assuming these are traditional cast iron rads). Recirculating the same water also helps li
Yes. In fact, I had to do this exact same thing in a house in MN that had baseboard copper freeze and burst in an attic. I ended up replacing the cooper between the boiler and the baseboards with PEX
PexUniverse. com is a leading source for PEX plumbing and radiant heating supplies with a full line of products for installation and maintenance of PEX systems. Our large inventory includes lead-free PEX products which comply with SDWA (Safe Drinking
I am renovating a kitchen and in the process have a need to remove a baseboard heater from a wall that will now occupy cabinets. The removal is straightforward and will take 10 minutes tops. However I of course will need to drain the line of water pr
When should I have my Boiler system serviced? If you want peace of mind that you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long, we recommend annual Boiler tune-ups. The best time of year to schedule Boiler maintenance is in the fall or early winter before you