Water gets cold after ten minutes of use!


Perhaps you are simply using all the hot water in the tank. After all, 3 gallons per minute is a fairly low flow, but will empty a 30 gallon tank in 10 minutes.

To test this, measure how much water comes out of your shower. A bucket and a stopwatch should suffice. Put 1 gallon of water in the bucket (4 quarts or two 2-liter soda bottles worth) and mark the water level in the bucket. Then set the shower the normal way you use it (temp and flow) and time how long it takes to fill the bucket to that level from the showerhead. You can also switch the diverter so it goes down to the tub spigot if that's easier, but the flow may be higher this way, so it may be a false reading. You can also try turning off the "cold" and measuring only the "hot", but this may make the bucket adventuresome to hold. Now that you have a seconds-per-gallon number, go down and look at the water heater capacity (on its nameplate or EPA tag) and you can figure how many seconds of hot shower you...

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electric water heater. ... after about 15 minutes in teh shower my 40 gal water heater ... 40 gal water heater runs out in 15 min. Are you constantly running out of hot watereven after only a few minutes in the shower? electric hot water heater runs out of hot water after 10-12 minutes while taking a shower. I just moved in to this place and the old hot water heater only gave me about 5 minutes of hot water. ... it took about 10 minutes for the effect to occur. My problem is that the tank runs totally out of hot water after only ... what is running when it goes cold in 10 minutes? An energy efficent shower head would use approx 45 gallons of hot water(hot only) for about 15 minutes. my 40 gal. I only have 5 minutes of hot water and it gets cold. electric hot water heater runs out of hot water after 10-12 minutes while taking a shower. I just moved in to this place and the old hot water heater only gave me about 5 minutes of hot water. ... pushing the hot water out...

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Why Your Hot Water Turns Cold After A Few Minutes

One of the most common causes of pour hot water heater output is a failing dip tube. Now the good news is that you can change a dip tube out for about $10 worth of parts and hour’s worth of your time or you can call your local plumber.

A dip tube takes cold water to the bottom of your heater where it’s heated by the elements or burner in your water heater allowing the hot water to naturally rise up and go to your bathrooms or to your kitchen.

When the dip tube is broken or falls completely off, cold water comes in your water heater and mixes with the hot water and goes right out.

So a symptom of a bad dip tube is that within minutes of starting a shower or bath you’ll notice the water getting colder and colder.

Well, there’s still 40 – 50 gallons of hot water sitting at the bottom of your water heater’s tank, you just can’t access it.

Dip tubes have been a problem in the industry...

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Now what's happening is the water turns cold after 10 minutes. When we are running the hot top it intermittently turns cold. The hot water on all taps and showers runs cold under 2 minutes. Turns out the plummer goofed when ... 30 minutes with no hot water usage. The boiler is fed from an Aga and the pipes to the boiler are piping hot. Had this problem 4 - Answered by a verified Plumber ... have 5 minutes of hot water and it gets cold. Well explain why and what you should do to fix it. Everything you need to know about why you only have a few minutes of hot water. In one shower, the hot water lasts about 5 minutes and then turns cold. After about five minutes using the shower or any faucet, the hot water turns lukewarm and then cold. My shower starts hot for about 2 - 3 minutes then starts turing cold. What are some possible causes of a shower ... What happens when you turn the hot water knob? The problem I'm having is that the hot water turns cold after a few minutes. What are...

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Marble walls, glass door, nearly perfect. Im wondering why I cant take more than a 10 minute shower because the hot water runs out. I only have 5 minutes of hot water ... Now lets get to possible water heater problems. ... She emails me a few days later saying that during a shower her water temp goes from hot to cold after only a few minutes. Why do I run out of hot water after 5 min? I have a 30 gal. Why does my hot water run out in 10 minutes? Hot Water Runs Out Quickly? Hot Water Runs Out Quickly? When I use tub faucet, hot water will run out in 10 minutes. I just moved in to this place and the old hot water heater only gave me about 5 minutes of hot ... take a fifteen minute shower without running out of hot water. electric water heater. the problem was it was running out of hot water with 10-15mins ... 45 minutes of hot water? ... but thats exactly what youre getting after a few minutes. Except the hot water runs out after 15 minutes. So my new place has a super rad...

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If you had to assign one attribute to the kind of people who jump into ice-encrusted lakes for fun, it would probably be: weird. But, if pushed for a second, I bet it would be: healthy.

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1. Boosts your immune system

For your body, a sudden and drastic change in temperature constitutes an attack – as anyone who’s ever fallen overboard in British waters will concur. And, whilst “attacking” your own body may not sound like a good thing, there is no harm in keeping it on its toes. In fact, quite the opposite.

Scientists from the Czech Republic immersed...

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Comment by gizmoe

January 14, 2010 @

4:19 pm

Is it electric?
If so the bottom heating element is not working and only heating the top portion of the tank and that is why you run out quickly.

Comment by Paul in San Diego

January 14, 2010 @

8:51 pm

It might be that the temperature is turned down a bit. If you’re running a shower at 100 degrees and the hot water is heated to 105 degrees, you’re using a certain amount of hot and cold water to get the 100 degree shower. But, if the hot water is at 120 degrees, you’ll use a lot less hot water to get that 100 degrees. So, it lasts longer.
Also, consider that it’s been getting colder lately. So, the cold water is colder than it was during summer and you’ll need to use more hot water to get the same temperature you did before.
You should ask that the landlord turn up the water heater temperature. Or do it yourself if you have access to it.

Comment by...

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This is only for a 40 gal+ Gas heater.

Both Bill F and Gizmoe are right in both scenarios.
If the water heater is a gas water heater it could be a dip tube.
If you call a plumber he would sell you a new heater and install for around $1000 dollars. Only replace a water heater if the water heater is leaking internaly.

the Dip tube is located in the cold side of the water heater, The side with the shut off valve. where the cold water supply meets the heater
you will see a threaded nipple. when you extract that nipple there will be a long plastic tube that can be removed and replaced.

What the dip tube does is sends the cold water to the bottom of the heater where the burners are located.

When the dip tube gets aged it will break and now it will get shorter and shorter. Now the cold water does not reach the bottom of the tank but mixes with the hot water. while using your shower the cold water goes in and right back out of the heater instead of...

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Hello all. This is my first post here. Recently the hot water in our shower started getting cooler and cooler. When we start out we have to mix the hot water with cold to get a nice temp but during the shower we have to reduce the cold water until it is completely off and the water still gets cooler.

What we have in the house is an old Columbia Co. Boiler that heats our house using a 3 stage baseboard system and it also heats our tap water. Heating the house seems fine but for some reason recently the tap water has not been staying hot.

Looking at the gauge in it's idle state (not using any hot water for a while and the furnace not firing up recently), the gauge reads 10PSI and the temp is at 160.

Last season we had our pump go out and had to replace it but from what I see, that is a totally different system. It looks like the tap water goes into the boiler cold and comes out hot. Looks like only 2 pipes for that system where there are a lot of pipes going...

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Hello all, it's been a couple weeks and a few things have happened...

1. I had my condo manager come out and he tested the pressure of the water coming into my condo, it is 100psi. he says it should be around 60-80. He thinks that the water is coming into the water heater w/ so much force that the cold and hot water are mixing inside. Does this sound possible? He suggested that I get a pressure reducing valve put on the cold water pipe going into the water heater.

2. I had a plumber come. Dip tube is fine. Everything with the water heater is fine. There is no cross connection, no recirculation line. He tested the water pressure coming out of my shower head and said it is 5gpm. So we put on a new shower head that only lets out 3gpm. That only got me an additional 2 minutes of hot water, so now I'm at 9 minutes.

The plumber suggested that I could reduce the water pressure even further by putting a pressure regulator in the shower head (in lieu of the pressure reducer on...

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This topic has been discussed at least three times in the last year or so on this forum, you may want to do a search. But let's start with this. You have a 40 gallon heater, assume it is at 120 degrees F. Your shower probably runs at about 2 gallons per minute, unless you have the low flow 1.5 gallons per minute showerhead (check the head to see the rating). At two gallons per minute, after 15 minutes you will have used up approximately 30 gallons of hot water, if you keep it at 120 degrees, and shower at 120 degrees (that is what mine is set at). So you will have used up 3/4 of your hot water, which would have been replaced by cold water in the tank, and due to normal mixing, the water coming out of the tank will be cooler, i.e. start to cool off, which is what you report happens. So why does this surprise you?

If you want to check the flow in the shower, get a 5 gallon bucket and time how long it takes to fill. Measure the temperature of the water at the showerhead...

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Most modern RV water heaters (WH) operate in either Electric or Liquid Propane (LP) Gas mode.

In entry level RVs though, the water heater may only operate in LP gas mode.

Water heaters in other motorhomes might operate by a third heating method called Motoraid (see more below), which uses waste heat from the motorhome engine to heat the water as you drive.

Finally, some high end RVs may have an entirely different system in which the water heater is part of a diesel and electric central heating system, typically either the Aquahot or Hydrohot brand names.

These systems are an entirely different animal and will not be discussed here.

Standard RV Water Heater Basics

The standard RV water heater sizes are 6 gallon or 10 gallon – much smaller than residential heater.

If you’re new to RVing, you may find that you’re not be able to enjoy quite as long a hot shower as at home. A few models are advertised as being 16 gallon heaters,...

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