Water heater not staying hot more than 10mins


Would a small tankless water heater require new or larger gauge wiring? I know I have 2 x 30 amp breakers dedicated on the water heater.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001LZRF9M/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_rjdZA… read more

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i have a manabloc manifold viega - that is leaking behind the main cold water intake. … read more

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the button on the side of the bathtub does not turn the jets on … read more

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My Zoeller laundry drain pump seem st work intermittently . the sump filled up with water and overflowed. I took the pump out , tested it in water and it seemed to work fine. the check valve worked wh… read more

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My hot water flow is reduced to about a third. I suspect the valve in the Renai heater. … read...

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Like any other appliance in your home, your water heater can cause problems ranging from a lack of hot water to noise, odors and leaks. One of the major issues you might run into is not having enough water. Here are some factors to keep in mind when repairing this issue.

Not Enough Hot Water

There are several reasons for not having enough hot water; it could be due to equipment problems with the water heater itself, or it could be some sort of change in the environment.

Let's start with the simple possibilities first.

If you have recently upgraded your tub to a larger one, or if it is a spa type tub, a larger demand on the water heater will cause the water temperature to drop.If you have recently changed your showerheads to a higher flow model, that would also cause you to run out of hot water faster.If your faucet is a long distance from the water heater, the water traveling a long way to the faucet head you may experience a drop in the volume of hot...
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A water heater pilot light is used to ignite the gas that heats the water. You may go for a long time and not realize that your pilot light has been faithfully serving you.

When the pilot light stops working you do not have hot water. Then you notice. A malfunctioning pilot light may be a sign of another problem. It could be that it just needs to be lit again.

There are (4) Key Topics related to this subject. (1) Why it is important to 'Following the Instructions', (2) 'Using an Ingnitor' to light your pilot light, (3) 'Manually Lighting a Pilot Light' and (4) Other pilot light issues like the 'Thermocouple' or the 'Gas Valve' may need some additional attention. Use one of these links to find what you need or read the overview below.

Don't they have electronic ignition systems that will just light the gas when needed? Yes, they do. Most gas furnaces have such a system. Why don't water heaters? They do, but it is a matter of cost. A high efficiency hot water...

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This is only for a 40 gal+ Gas heater.

Both Bill F and Gizmoe are right in both scenarios.
If the water heater is a gas water heater it could be a dip tube.
If you call a plumber he would sell you a new heater and install for around $1000 dollars. Only replace a water heater if the water heater is leaking internaly.

the Dip tube is located in the cold side of the water heater, The side with the shut off valve. where the cold water supply meets the heater
you will see a threaded nipple. when you extract that nipple there will be a long plastic tube that can be removed and replaced.

What the dip tube does is sends the cold water to the bottom of the heater where the burners are located.

When the dip tube gets aged it will break and now it will get shorter and shorter. Now the cold water does not reach the bottom of the tank but mixes with the hot water. while using your shower the cold water goes in and right back out of the heater instead of...

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1) Cheapest and most reliable solution: Install tank-type electric water heater from local box store for $250. Get store coupons, offer 10% off store price. Repairs are made same day with generic off-the-shelf parts.


2) Install grundfo water pressure boosting pump.

3) Remove areators and low flow shower heads, Maintain unit as shown in product manual: Delime tankless unit yearly, Clean water filter monthly.

4) Call city and report low pressure and report issue as fire hazard, move to different apartment. Call apartment complex and ask why they didn't read flow requirements for tankless before installing tankless.

5) Call Bosch 866-330-2729 and complain that nobody read the flow requirement or tested local water flow before installing...

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Seriously weird, Dave.

Ok, the boiler's 'element' (a heating coil) inside the hot tank goes in quite close to the hot tank's bottom - have a look. So you can assume that the boiler will heat the hot tank's contents from that point upwards - ie: pretty much all the hot tank will be heated.

The electrical immersion will only heat as far as it goes down inside the tank. How does that compare? (I've asked before - your new element, are you sure it's a single, long-reach type?)

Ok, let's eliminate everything we can...

The immersion element is not at fault since it's behaving just the same as the old one did when you swapped it? Ok, the old element wasn't at fault either since swapping it made no difference.

So the 'change' happened before the old element was taken out.

You have checked the immersion thermostat - that's ok too.

So, I think we can discount everything on the electrical heating side?

So, so, what happened? Did the replacement...

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The first year I moved out here, unless it was mid-summer, showers were a pretty unpleasant prospect. It basically involved taking a deep breath, and grabbing the garden hose. In the winter there was a lot of dancing around hyperventilating, but I figured it was just a few minutes a day so just get it over with. Then a friend pointed out these inline hot water heaters that you just hook to a propane tank and the water hose and they automatically come on heat the water to a comfortable temperature and shut off when you turn off the water. It seemed kind of extravagant, but I found them at


online store for $100 so I decided to give it a shot (they have since gone up to about $180). It was a bit of a revelation... apparently in the year I had gone without hot water I developed a whole new appreciation for the stuff.

All was well for a few months until the heater froze and started leaking. It turns out that there is a little cast-iron part that cracked. I tried...

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Conventional water heaters use electricity or natural gas power to heat the water in your home for everything from showers to washing clothes and dishes. Every time you use hot water, that's energy and money down the drain.

A solar hot water heater uses the sun's heat and energy to heat your home's water either by actually using the sun's heat or by collecting energy with solar panels to heat your water. The heated water stays in an insulated tank -- much like with a conventional water heater -- until you're ready to use it [source: Energy Savers]. While they cost more to install than traditional water heaters, you could save 50 to 80 percent on your water heating bills.

The drawback to solar water heaters is that it's often tough to use the sun's energy to heat enough water for a typical home. There's a salon that I like to visit when I'm in south Florida that uses a solar water heater, and if you get an appointment too late in the day, chances are they'll have to...

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There are a variety of water heater options. Water heaters come in many sizes, have several energy source options, and have various warranties available. There are gas, electric, oil, and green power options. There are tank type water heaters and tankless units. The knowledgeable staff at Mr. Waterheater can guide you when selecting the size, warranty and type of tank that’s best for you.

Mr. Waterheater stocks many sizes of residential and commercial gas, electric, and power vent water heaters. The 40 gallon and 50 gallon gas and electric water heaters are the most common hot water tanks that we install for residential use. Although the 40 and 50 gallon size are most common, we install 2.5 gallon point-of-use water heaters, up to 120 gallon water heaters for residential use. Our experts can guide you through the manufacturer’s sizing charts to help you select which size will be best for your needs.

There are also a variety of sizes available for commercial use....

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A hot water heater is a specialized device used for regulating hot or cold water within your home. It is either a tank-type, a tankless or a solar device.

Different problems may be associated with different types of heaters. However, there are some common issues that you may experience, regardless of the type of tank you have.

No Hot Water

So you’ve finally installed a brand new hot water heater system and you are excited to use it. You turn on the device, turn on the water in your faucet…. and, to your dismay, the water is still cold!

How much new water heater installation costs?

New Gas Water Heater Cost:$800 - $1100

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Lets take a closer look at these problems:

Before you grab your phone for a refund, you should know that this is actually a common problem and yes, it can be fixed.

If you have an electric device, and its not producing hot water after being turned on...

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I've already checked to make sure the dip tube is in place

- you already checked for the following situation...my reading comprehension sucks today

I was listening to a radio program about home maintenance stuff and this very same subject came up for a caller. One thing that was mentioned was that the cold water mixer tube may have failed.

Apparently there is a tube that takes the cold water from the cold inlet on the tank down to the bottom of the tank where the thermostat and heater are. If the tube fails then the cold water just sits on top and doesn't have much effect on the thermostat.

The check was to turn off the water supply, removed the cold water inlet and feel/look inside the tank for the tube. If its missing then it is supposed to be an easy fix with parts from a hardware store.

According to the guy on the radio this is a common issue with older water heaters *and* that there was a whole batch of defective mixer tubes...

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If the last time you installed a hot water heater was 10 years or more, it may be starting to give you troubles that warrant getting a new device.

Lets take a look at replacement and installation costs for different types of hot water heaters, as well as factors that impact the total price.

How much does a water heater cost?

Average Cost To Replace A Hot Water Heater

On average, homeowners across the US are paying $850-2,500 to install a new water heater (including device and labor). Such high price differences depend on the type of heater (tank vs. tankless), size/capacity (40, 50, 75 gallons), power type (gas, electric, solar). The installation cost itself may also vary greatly, depending on the complexity of the job.

In some cases, homeowners end up paying $1,000-3,000 for installation, on top of the cost of the device itself. You can expect higher than average installation costs if you want to switch from a tank style to a tankless (on...

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So you’re looking for the best tankless hot water heater?

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. As an alternative to those bulky, costly and wasteful water tanks, tankless water heaters are quickly taking the nation by storm.

As opposed to storing unnecessarily large hot water volumes, tankless heaters work by simply heating cold water in a matter of seconds as it passes through – see the difference?

Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard about all the wonderful benefits that these heaters bring into our homes and businesses. In addition to providing us with a continuous supply of hot water, tankless heaters have been known to last longer than tanked heaters.

But that’s not all; a decent tankless heater will also save you a sizeable chunk of change on power and gas bills every month.

Sounds impressive, right?

I’m sure you see where we’re going with this. If you’re in the market for a great heater, we’ve done the hard yards and...

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s how you may feel when you turn on your shower and realize there’s no hot water. Your hot water heater might not be something you think about every day, but most of us love – and often take for granted – the comfort and safety we get from our hot water. Once you’re reminded how much you love your hot water heater, you want the replacement process to be as quick and painless as possible.

Your water heater is more than 10 years old and it needs replacing, so you call your local water heater company, they go over the size and fuel type of your water heater, and then start talking about the efficiency of all of these options. When we talk about efficiency, we should also talk about cost, which is what’s really going to make a difference in your pocket at the end of the day.

To demystify energy efficiency and water heaters, let’s go over some basics.

Gas Water Heater vs. Electric Water Heater
The main consideration...

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Hot Water Shortage

Q: Not only have I read through your introduction and PM suggestions for water heaters, I've printed out everything and will try to attempt service. Before I get started, I would like your opinion on a newly developed problem. There are three (3) of us in a household who all take showers in the morning. It begins with our niece who takes long showers, but in my opinion, not 40 gallons worth (the size of our tank). By the time I get in and then my husband, the water is warm. I can't get it hot, no matter how much I turn the faucet.

This is not everyday, but has started a couple of weeks ago and is happening more often. I sincerely do not feel it is a 15 minute shower that has given us this new problem, but rather something that is happening with the tank. The tank is 5 years or less. The size is 40 gallon. It is in the garage up off the floor. Strapped to the walls and wrapped in a blanket. We do have a water softener. The tank was changed out...

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10. You have no idea the last time your water heater was replaced. Most water heaters last between 10 and 15 years. If yours is older or you aren’t sure when it was last replaced, it may be nearing the end of its life.

9. When you turn on the hot water, the clear water you are used to turns to a rusty color that is anything but pleasing.

8. You turn on the hot water to find no hot water. This can be caused by one of two things. One, your pilot light is out or the circuit breaker has tripped. Or two, your hot water heater has reached its useful life.

7. Muddy or sandy water can be a sign of sediment build up in your tank. In some cases you can drain the contents to remove sediment and bring your water heater back to normal.

6. When you turn on the hot water, it has a metallic smell and taste to it. This is a sign that the water heater is breaking down, with grit and flakes from the inner tank combining with your water supply.

5. Warm water but not...

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Chris - Hot water is actually a little bit heavier than cold water because, as Einstein told us, E=mc2. So if E, the energy in the water, goes up because it's hotter, then mass, m, must also go up to keep the equation balanced [c, the speed of light in a vaccuum, doesn't change]. So there will be a very subtle and very tiny increase in mass of the hot water, compared to the cold water.

The reason the ice floats is actually because it's a lot less dense than the water. The ice is made of water but, because water expands when it freezes, the ice is pushing a bigger volume - and hence a bigger mass - of water out of the way than the ice itself weighs. For this reason the ice is actually feeling a bigger push "up"(called buoyancy) from the water underneath than the ice weighs itself, which makes it...

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We have a Rheem model 41V40-40F (mfg 11/2003) where the pilot light went out the other night. Re-lit, turned back on the burner fired and immediately went out.

Could not get the pilot to light again; waited ~ 10 & tried again, pilot lit and when turned on had a small KaBoom in the chamber from apparent gas build-up...

Figured I'm done and call the home warranty company (just bought the house 8 mos ago - home warranty provided w/ purchase).
Plumber that was dispatched tried was quick to access as an air flow problem with the heater (vent stack seams clear) and recommends a NEW unit.
My out of pocket after adding all the items NOT covered by the warranty is $470.00 for items such as:
$150 for permit (actual cost here is $65)
$90 for a pan (required for code even though we have no drain; what's new? ~ $15 retail?)
$50 for new gas valve (ball valve)
$45 for gas flex line (new looks excellent; don't mind new, but dang... $$$)


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Choosing A Hot Water Heater For A Tiny House – The Tiny Life

Recently I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best option for hot water heaters for my Tiny House, but I have been back and forth on which way to go. So I realized, why don’t I see what my readers might know!

So far I have decided to focus on tankless hot water heaters. Essentially these hot water heaters don’t hold water like traditional hot water heaters, they rapidly heat the water as it flows through their heat exchangers so you only heat the water you use. The area I am having trouble with is to go with an electric unit or go with a propane unit. I don’t like how much power the electric ones use (13 kw/h) if I one day go solar, but the gas units are a lot bigger (not so great in a tiny house) and need to be vented. I also don’t know how quickly I would burn through a propane tank (I take 10-15 minute showers daily).

Your Turn!

Do you have a tankless hot water...

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Fans of the hit television series Breaking Bad (and I promise no spoilers here) may remember an episode in which Walt, the main character, uses his illegally acquired money to make much needed repairs on his house. The repairs become a kind of metaphor for his desperate attempts to fix his relationships with his wife and son, and, as a result, they become an obsession.

During one of several trips to the home improvement store, a sales clerk asks him about the water heaters at which he's looking. Walt inquires about tankless models, and the clerk, presumably working on commission, lights right up.

That moment is based on the very real fact that tankless water heaters are more expensive than their enormous counterparts, but if you're willing and able to take the plunge, they'll save you a lot more money in the long run.

For starters, tankless heaters don't store a big tank full of water–hence the moniker tankless.

Traditional tank heaters have to keep that...

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Be sure to scroll down... there may be more than one question on this page!

Dear NH,

Is it okay to my drain water heater and shut off gas to it if the house is going to vacant for 4-5 months? I am always afraid of water leaks.



Most people just turn the water off unless they are concerned with freezing. Then you should drain down the entire system. However, there is a potential problem with draining down the water heater for a long period of time that you might want to consider... rust!

Water heaters are made from steel, which can rust. Even though modern heaters are lined with a non-corrosive glass-like ceramic. However, this is not 100% effective because it is impossible to coat 100% of the tank and the material is prone to cracking during transportation and installation.

The rust is stopped by the use of a sacrificial anode, a long rod of magnesium, aluminum or zinc that is put into the top of the tank and extends a...

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This seems to be a common problem with these units.

I had the unit loose the pilot about 3 weeks ago. I re-lit it and all seemed fine until last night, it was out again. I got it to re light and start to heat the water but only for about 1 min. Now I can only light the pilot light but as soon as I let go of the black button the flame goes out before I can even turn it to on. After searching the internet, everyone says it is the thermocouple. Well I don't think that is the problem because I tested the thermocouple and it's voltage output is fine, 26.2 millivolts. The little glass thing in the bottom of the water heater is not broken and in tact as well.

I'm now thinking it is something in the thermostat (gas valve) itself. I find some replacements online through Grainger, but there are several that appear to be the same and I don't want to buy the wrong one.

immediate assistance is appreciated, cold showers...

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TL; DR: When the temperature is colder outside, your cold water is colder so you have to use more hot water for the same shower temperature.


A shower head puts out 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) (or close to it). To get the temperature you want, you have to mix hot and cold water. In the summer, the "cold" water temp is much warmer than it is in the winter.

Given the above facts, consider this (numbers and calculations made up)... In the summer, to get your shower where you want it, you need to mix 70 degree "cold" water with 120 degree "hot" water to get a final temperature of 100 degrees. This means that you have to use about half hot and half cold, so 1.25 GPM cold and 1.25 GPM hot. That means that 20 gallons of hot water will last (20 / 1.25 = ) about 15 minutes. This doesn't match your 30-45 minutes, but just stay with me... It's just an example.

In the winter, the incoming "cold" temperature is much cooler. It could get down to 40 degrees. When you...

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Hi, all...first-time homeowner here.

I have an issue that even my plumbler can't seem to figure out. My fiance' and I live alone in a 3 BR house with only 1 full bath and 3 sinks total (1 bath, 1 powder room, and 1 kitchen). We have a 40 gallon gas-fired hot water heater. The previous owner performed some major rennovations on the house, including changing from oil to gas heat, completely tearing down and replacing the full bath, adding the powder room, and gutting the kitchen. I'm sure some plumbing work was involved in the rennovating, although I'm not sure if he contracted the work out or did it himself.

We're experiencing some strange behavior in regards to how long our hot water lasts. It seems that first thing in the morning, after we've been asleep for 8 hours, the first person in the shower can't seem to get more than 7 minutes or so of hot water before things go tepid. After the unit has a chance to recycle itself, the next person seems to do alright,...

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Water heaters have a pipe on the inside that directs cold water to the bottom of the tank. If this was not properly installed, the cold water will mix with the hot water at the top of the tank, where the hot water exists.

The second problem is sludge can build up in the tank, resulting in poor heat convection and slow heating times.

Some one may not have hooked up your water heater correctly. It is supposed to have 240ac, I have seen water heaters that were hooked up at 120, resulting in half the heat.

What to do.
Flush out your water heater. Turn off your heater. Shut off the house water in the basement. Open the drain valve of your heater and drain the hot water system. All 80 gallons. Turn on the water, turn on the heater, when you have full pressure, open hot water lines in different parts of the house till you get water. Another way is attach a garden hose to the hot water outlet. run the hose to a good drain. Open the outlet full bore for 3 minutes. If...

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Several possibilities:

There's a thermal shutoff that automatically stops the gas if the pilot light doesn't heat it up. This prevents you from leaking unburned gas into the home, which would be very bad. Check that the probe is in contact with the pilot flame. The fact that it stays on for 15 minutes makes me think this may not be the issue, but depending on the model, there may be a delay after lighting the pilot before this activates.

The next concern is a lack of ventilation. Make sure fresh air can get to the water heater. Get out the vacuum and cleanup all those cobwebs and flammable dust balls. The location of the water heater should have a fresh air supply, either with a louvered door or a vent line that goes outside. Make sure these are open.

Related to a lack of ventilation is over-ventilation, or a draft that is blowing out the light. Make sure the shields are in place on the heater and that the HVAC doesn't have anything blowing directly on the hot...

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This article on gas hot water heater troubleshooting will help you to locate your problem and get it repaired quickly. See below for guidelines on what to look for and information on how to fix it. Don't have a gas water heater? See 'Fixing Electric Water Heaters'. Not sure which kind you have, see 'Identifying Water Heater Types', for a description of each type.

There are two key topics associated with 'Gas Hot Water Heaters'. (1) 'Water Heater Pilot Light Issues' - If the pilot light goes out, the water heater won't work. (2) 'Problems With a Gas Water Heater Thermocouple' - A bigger problem than just lighting the pilot.

Some common problems for all types of Hot Water Heaters are, pressure relief valves, leaks, sediment, drain valves, anode rods and dip tubes. A general troubleshooting discussion is provide in the article, 'Identifying and Repairing Water Heater Problems'.

The danger with a gas hot water heater is the gas itself. If for some reason...

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There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a nice hot soak only to discover you’re in the midst of a cold water shower. If things simply never heat up, it’s probably because your water heater has been working overtime and needs time to regenerate. But if your hot water shower turns suddenly chilly, the problem may lay within the unit itself. Here is a quick way to solve any hot water shower troubles.

Water Heater Problems

First, check all your fixtures throughout the house to see if your cold water shower is a singular problem or a whole-house situation. If none of the plumbing allows hot water to pass, then the problem is your water heater. Check the temperature control on the unit to see if the setting is ideal. Next, check to see if it’s blown a fuse. If you have a gas unit, it could be that the pilot light has blown out, in which case you should relight it following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if there is still no sign of a hot water...

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This article on electric hot water heater troubleshooting will help you to locate your 'no hot water' problem quickly and direct you to a solution to the issue. See below for guidelines on how to track down your problem. See the article on 'Gas Hot Water Heaters' if you don't have an electric heater.

Common electric water heater problems are 'Replacing Bad Heating Elements', and 'Checking Electric Water Heater Thermostats'. Some common problems for all Hot Water Heaters are, 'Pressure Relief Valves', 'Leaking Water Heaters' and the 'Water Heater Drain Valve'.

It could be if you do not have any hot water and you have an electric hot water heater. Sometimes the problem is too little hot water. There are a handful of items that can malfunction or wear out on an electric water heater. See if you can locate your problem and whether it is practical for you to fix it.

Electric hot water heater troubleshooting involves checking wiring that has a significant amount of...

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Gas Water Heater

Gas hot water heater need repair? If your gas water heater doesn’t heat, get hot enough, or stay lit, this expert DIY advice will help you fix gas water heater problems yourself.

Need help NOW? Get a Water Heater Repair Pro Fast!

Gas water heater heating problems are typically: 1) No hot water at all; 2) not enough hot water; or 3) the water heater’s pilot light does not stay lit. For other problems, please see our comprehensive article,

Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repairs


No Hot Water From Gas Water Heater

If you have no hot water, first make sure the problem is with the water heater. Go around the house and check for hot water at all of the fixtures and faucets. If you don’t have hot water at any of them, perform the following diagnostics. The following video is an excellent visual guide; skip forward to the 12:00 mark if you want to cut to the chase.

1Be sure the gas to the water heater...

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