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re: "Can I just make one with 2x4 and plywood that's only 4" tall, basically just enough to be able to drain water off the drain tray? Or does the code require it be higher?" I imagine you 'can' do that, but I wouldn't recommend that you do that. I r
It depends on what type of failure are you talking about. The rate at which water flows from a leak, is going to depend on the size of the leak. It could range anywhere from less than 1 ml per day, to the full supply flow rate
I just moved into a house that has 2 water heaters. The second one was rarely/never used by previous owner and all the hot water that comes from it is smelly. This came up during the inspections but the inspector said it's because the traps of the dr
I'm from Serbia, just like the OP, and we do have such a myth there. After my initial rant, aimed at explaining why some of the safety assumptions that many answers here may have are wrong, I'll show installation of a typical water heater and explain
Per the instructions with my new water heater, I drain a gallon from the bottom every month. The previous owner of my home never did anything and that water heater started leaking, hence the replacement. The water in our area is hard-ish, but I hesit
If a faucet is dripping, or a toilet is running, or if a leak develops in a refrigerator ice maker or dishwasher or washing machine--or any appliance supplied by water, your first and best choice is to shut off the water right at that fixture or appl
I came home from work today to find that the hot water wasn't working. I opened the area to my gas hot water tank and there's a large pool of water on the ground. I checked the pilot light and it appears to have gone out
We installed a Navien 240S natural gas in our house, and it is working fine. Except the short range for hot water valves in the showers. So, in other words, I need to turn shower valve almost all the way on to start the hot water