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I just finished replacing the pressure relief valve on my Rinnai hot water heater. Everything went well, I turned on the cold input and wham, water just started gushing out of the relief valve. All the specs line up on the valves (150 PSI), in fact t
I am re-piping the water supply lines in my house. I have a 1 inch supply line coming from the main. This will travel about 30 feet before being split into 2 lines, one supplying the hot and the other supplying the cold
I have a two year old Troy Bilt pressure washer with a GCV 190 Honda engine. The pressure washer has worked fine for two years (although I have rarely used it). Recently, I broke out the pressure washer to use for the summer, and I ran into an issue
On the cheap, start ruling out. Take off the shower head itself from the pipe on the wall. See if it has been damaged or clogged by something
Hi Hilly, I have just reno'd my Dads bathroom, and I have the same problem. Firstly, I used a plumber to install the new piping, which consisted of mixer taps in the shower, laundry, and basin, as these were recommended for arthritis sufferers. Howev
It is extremely rare to experience a complete loss of water to your mains supply. However, if this happens at your property, there are a number of possible causes: The internal plumbing of your house Recent plumbing work can occasionally cause an int
Low Water Pressure We have a toilet that has very low-pressure flushing action. Is there anything that I can do other than calling in a professional? We've had a few people out to look at it and they cannot seem to diagnose this properly. Click here
I have low water flow from my kitchen faucet. However, both bathroom faucets have very high water flow. I have verified all the shut off valves are fully open (bathrooms don't have shut off valves that I see) and all the aerators have been cleaned an
I need to know how to fix a Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser. If the fridge won’t dispense water, first make sure you have the water supply turned on. I know you have to turn the ice maker on
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