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Pressure at the tap -- if pressure isn't being supplied by a pump, which I assume it isn't in this case -- depends on the height of the column of water. The rain barrels in my back yard are elevated 4 feet above ground level to increase the available
Apologies if this question is misplaced. I'm needing to know the required thickness of a glass viewing window when installed in a large plywood/steel constructed aquaculture tank (for a home / DIY aquaponics setup). The nominal measurements for the i
A gate valve does not have a "washer set". The valve in the photo appears to be a globe valve. I agree with your plumber that a globe valve is proper in that place
There is an 8000 liter water tank on top of my house which provides water for the house. Bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. often start developing in the tank, giving unpleasant smells, etc
A. what is the pressure at the bottom of the tote, assuming that the tote is full. Only the depth of the water matters
"Hot water" redirects here. For other uses, see Hot Water. 1: Municipal water feed 2: Fluid from water storage tank to external (passive) heat source; passive heat source can be the ground (soil or groundwater), sun or air via heat pump, or thermodyn
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