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Most water heaters upon initial start-up can take several hours to heat the tank water to the setting on the thermostat. Also, if the setting is not at the hottest temperature and it is a large tank 12 hours isn't unreasonable. You should also be awa
Yes, you use 4-way switches. Here is an animation that shows how they work. You can have as many 4-way switches as you want, in the middle
We have kitchen faucet that is the farthest one from the water entry point in the house. It always has seemed to have a little lower pressure than several others we have in the house, but recently the flow in this one has dropped drastically. I was w
Many homeowners experience a long wait for hot water to reach their shower or bathroom faucets that are not located near to the hot water heater. This delay is caused by water that has cooled down while standing in the hot water line pipes. While the
The other answers hit the nail on the head--wood floors in basements or anywhere subject to moisture is generally a bad idea. I just wanted to add one more vinyl floor variant that you should consider for a basement installation if you are already co
The water line that goes from my boiler, carrying warm water keeps getting pin hole leaks. The line is a standard flexible white plastic insulated pipe, covered in a red mantle. About a year ago, I discovered the first pinhole leak, spraying water in
We have a shower on a second floor with a frozen cold-water pipe. It seems to happen every time the temperature falls below 15 degrees F. Previously I fixed this by taking the plate off around the shower control, where there's some access past the sh
This article is to help those people whose water is supplied by the city. If your house is on a private pump or well, click here. [box type=”note”]WHEN YOU SHUT OFF YOUR MAIN WATER VALVE FOR LONG PERIODS, MAKE SURE TO TURN OFF YOUR HOT WATER HEATER
Posted by Matthew Stock on Friday, May 16, 2014. A finished basement is the dream of many homeowners. Sometimes it’s a necessity – a way to create badly needed living space for a growing family