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A combi boiler is not really a new heating system but has been around for quite some time. However, the older models were known to be unreliable and there weren't many choices available to homeowners. However, because of technological advances there
In our upstairs bathroom we had a leak from the copper joint that connected the spigot. I cut a hole in the wet wall and fixed that issue. However now when we shower there nw a pears to be water seeping through the floor in the bathroom to the floor
What is a Main Stopcock? How many stopcocks should there be in/outside a house? Where Can I locate my Mains Stopcock? My stopcock in not under my sink, where can I find it? Can I do anything to look after my Main Stopcock? My Main Stopcock is leaking
If you have drain tile, which is a system of pipes fitted around your foundation, you may be concerned about them becoming clogged. These tiles are usually used to move water away from your sump pit. If they become blocked or clogged, your crawl spac
Q. "How can I stop my Temptrol shower valve from dripping?" A. Replace the hot and cold washers using a TA-9 KIT