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Step 4: Mounting the Drain Saddle Valve1. The drain saddle valve will fit most 2" standard plastic drain pipes. It should be installed above the trap and on the vertical or horizontal pipe under the sink drain
I live in an older house in a colder climate (Boston). Spring is almost here and we're planning on doing some gardening. We have an external spigot, although it's been defunct since we moved in ~2yrs ago (a rental)
I live in southern California. I have granite countertops and over the years I've noticed grout cracks between my granite and the tile splash on the sink side. Could the constant water from washing dishes seep in through those cracks and cause wall d
Looking for maximum flow, and power gains out of your high output E39 M5 5. 0L V-8? These Rogue Engineering X-Pipes will take your E39 M5 to the next level in exhaust performance, and combined with their optional Rogue Engineering axle back system, y
Good point, Beachboy! When I bought my first house it had a 40 gallon water heater mounted under the kitchen counter. With the original elements I could barely take a fifteen minute shower without running out of hot water. I ended up installing 3,000
Check with the manufacturer. Some have their own Kitchen Scrubby & others don't say anything about it, so you buy very much more frequently. My understanding & experience is that you want to scuff or sand the surface visibly clean
I think you've got debris in the lines & the tub is the perfect place to flush it all out. You'll want to turn on the closest faucet, with the aerator removed, to the Main Water Shut-off for the whole house & then turn off The Main. You'll wa
As you said, Popoff is a proven fraud. He used to point out people in the audience and tell them by "divine revelation" what their illnesses or problems were, and he was always right. Until he told a woman she had cervical cancer, but the woman he to
I need to bed-in the new brushes on a 12V (7W) DC motor, according to these specs: "CW rotation for 10-12sec, pause for 10-12sec, CCW rotation for 10-12sec. Procedure to be repeated over a period of 10-12Hrs". Can anyone help me with a simple circuit
Thank you for the pictures, that was very helpful. While I wouldn't want to restrict the hose retraction, I don't think there's any other option than to do so. Your situation is worse than I expected & you are stuck with a very poorly planned ins