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Suppose you have a condo building. That condo building was built 10 years ago. The statutes of limitations is only good for 6 years (for negligence purposes)
Control is a wonderful thing to have. Not in the tyrannical, totalitarian sense, of course. But in the day-to-day sense, control over the minor things in life goes a long way in maintaining sanity
I have a leaking saddle valve that supplies water going to a humidifier
If a faucet is dripping, or a toilet is running, or if a leak develops in a refrigerator ice maker or dishwasher or washing machine--or any appliance supplied by water, your first and best choice is to shut off the water right at that fixture or appl
Could the melting ice water have caused a permanent leak to have developed? (my emphasis) Leaks generally don't repair themselves. Since there is evidence of a leak, it is very likely this will recur. This means that the leak needs to be actively inv
by Chris Woodford. Last updated: September 5, 2016. Is damp climbing up your walls
It is generally not worth the time and money to try to capture the lost heat through the exhaust system of the vast majority of tankless/on-demand water heaters. The heaters are now so efficient that they can vent the exhaust through plastic (PVC) pi
As with anything in life, there is always risk. You are depending on all the O-rings sealing each connection (hose to faucet, and nozzle to hose) to hold back the pressure and that the hose itself is in good condition and won't spring a leak. In our