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I am installing a new sprinkler valve system. Everything was pre-assembled with three valves, all I had to do was connect the incoming water and outgoing water. As part of the "testing" procedure it says to "turn manual bleed screw counterclockwise u
There have long been concerns that supplies of water stored in reservoirs and rock fractures deep underground are in danger of running dry as they are tapped for use by humans. But a new study that attempts to accurately estimate how much groundwater
Water pooling on a patio or pool deck is a potential source of moss or mildew growth, concrete staining and dangerous slip hazards. To safely and efficiently drain water away from your patio, I recommend using a system of surface area drains connecte
The previous homeowners did not keep up with the downspouts and some erosion occurred. All of the drains to the street are great and I have reconnected the downspouts to the drain pipes; some were apart my multiple inches when I dug them up under the
I am getting a backwater valve installed in the basement to prevent sewage backups. The contractor will install a backwater valve (something like this) enclosed in some access box (something like this - needs flash). The enclosure has an open bottom
A frost free leaky outdoor faucet, or spigot, is not just annoying; it can cost you a small fortune in water bills if left unchecked. In addition, a leaky outdoor faucet can also cause damage to your .
We have come to a vacation home on a remote destination for a few months. We notice that when we use the water for bathing it leaves our skin dry and feeling like there was some dust in water that's now left over on our skin. This is noticeably damag
Have you called the manufacturer of your water heater? So here is basically what I do and some thoughts. I'm not a plumber, nor do I have any experience in this area, just a homeowner who took down a few notes and caution - reader beware in case my n
So yesterday I saw a 1,450 PSI electric pressure washer for around $80, and I was considering buying one to clean the rooftop. But now I'm reconsidering. So, my question is, does low water pressure actually affect the functionality of a pressure wash