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Yes, You have neglected to show how any particular sized water softener would fit onto a shelf table size of 15" x 20"; let alone get it into that space. Also you will need a riser on the softener side of the P-Trap that you have shown there. Seems t
For a given volume of water per second, the two 32mm pipes will have a lower pressure loss than the single 40mm pipe. Using the head loss calculator at http://www. engineeringtoolbox
I have asked a contractor (foundation/concrete guy) and he said he can put special mix of mortar at the corner at the end of that wall. My question is, what do you think causes the water in that section to accumulates? And do you think the contractor
You could probably use a shutoff like this one as a temporary solution. If it's still "temporary" when you winterize, I would remove it then. Edit to add why it's temporary (as requested via comment)
WATER TANK: USES, TROUBLESHOOTING - home - CONTENTS: How to buy, install, diagnose & repair water pressure tanks or water storage tanks. The purpose of water storage or water pressure tanks on private well systems. How to diagnose & correct s
A gate valve does not have a "washer set". The valve in the photo appears to be a globe valve. I agree with your plumber that a globe valve is proper in that place
Hi, I will be putting a 5200 pound (with water, people, etc. ) hot tub on my existing 12 by 30 deck (circa 1990). It weighs more my truck
There is an 8000 liter water tank on top of my house which provides water for the house. Bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. often start developing in the tank, giving unpleasant smells, etc
And in these so-called petty errands, comes a big job for you, fixing your taps. Sometimes, there is an overflow of water, and other times you yearn if your tap could just give a minimum of water which could quench your thrust. So, either we have low