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Concrete slab floors come in many forms and can be used to provide great thermal comfort and lifestyle advantages. Slabs can be on-ground, suspended, or a mix of both. They can be insulated, both underneath and on the edges
A lot depends upon whether you live where it can freeze. If you do then you want to bury the pipe from the house to the stock tank in the ground at a depth sufficient to prevent freezing. Then you want to use a frost-free farm or yard hydrant type va
I am replacing my existing faucet plumbing with red / blue PEX all over the house. Everything that goes to the sink, dishwasher, washer, bathroom sink and so on will be color coded and installed correctly. Although, I was pondering on changing my wat
It MIGHT seal if you remove it, apply pipe dope (or tape, but I have better luck with dope), and return it just to the point where it's upright (count turns as you remove it. ) If it's actually less than half a turn from locking up hard, it should se
A high water bill or wet spots in the yard are often the first indications of a slab leak. You could even come home one day and find water coming up from under the slab floor of your home. This is clearly the most obvious symptom of a slab leak
Vacuum it out, preferably with a Wet-Dry or Shop Vacuum that has a thin nozzle attachment applied parallel with the seam or a floor sealing Water Pickup attachment applied perpendicular to the seam. To assist this operation you can tape the seam so t
In a piping system there are a number of factors working alone or in combination that can effect the rate of corrosion occurring in pipe. Depending on the degree of these factors a new piping system can show signs of corrosive wear in as little as tw
Based on your picture: Copper pipe in concrete; a problem. Copper pipe connected to galvanized iron pipe (evidently) without a dielectric union; a problem. Electrical ground connected to the galvanized iron pipe, not the copper pipe; likely also a pr
I am re-piping the water supply lines in my house. I have a 1 inch supply line coming from the main. This will travel about 30 feet before being split into 2 lines, one supplying the hot and the other supplying the cold
We have a set of EnerSol solar panels (black water pipes) which are installed on the roof. Our pool pump sends water up to the panels via black PVC pipes. The water goes through the panels, warms significantly then returns back down to the pool