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Overview The health risk from drinking water with radon in it is very small. The risk is predominately from breathing radon in the air that is released from the water. Presently the Pennsylvania DEP has not set a level at which they recommend reducin
If your toilet water supply line is causing leaks, you can easily replace the old supply line with a new one. Replacing a water supply line for your toilet is much easier than you might imagine and can be done in just a few minutes. In fact, this han
It's a house new to us but 18 years old. We ran the washing machine for the first time with a full load and came back to find water around the drain pipe and on the floor. Makes sense that the drain is clogged and backed up but it hasn't happened sin
In areas where the ground is frozen for most or all of the winter, the amount of moisture that will migrate through the basement floor and walls will drop dramatically in the winter, so the need for dehumidification decreases. However, if you live in
I agree. It sounds like either the line between the pump and well is frozen or you have a leak. The leak being between the pump and well, since anywhere else in the house would be detected by you, by now
It's a matter of degree. As the pressure tank discharges, the water pressure will go down. When the pressure goes below a certain threshold, a pressure switch will turn on the pump, and the tank will start filling and raising the pressure
Thank you for the pictures, that was very helpful. While I wouldn't want to restrict the hose retraction, I don't think there's any other option than to do so. Your situation is worse than I expected & you are stuck with a very poorly planned ins
Hey all, just wanted to quickly share this project i spent today working on. . This standard Aussie water meter has a little port where you can slip in a reed switch and measure water in 5L increments
How can I get it to close fully? The plastic handle is expendable. It will break long before the valve spindle. This is good
You want to get an activated carbon filter (see this answer for an overview of how it works). You'll probably want to look at a standard 10" filter housing and a matching carbon filter, both of which are readily available online and in retail everywh