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In preparation for winter, I've started to inspect the exterior of my house and noticed some of the sealant at the top of the basement wall needs replacing. Unfortunately I bought the house like this so I don't know what the previous owner did. I liv
The previous homeowners did not keep up with the downspouts and some erosion occurred. All of the drains to the street are great and I have reconnected the downspouts to the drain pipes; some were apart my multiple inches when I dug them up under the
If you’re trying to figure out how to cure a wet or musty basement, you’re probably curious about advertisements for products that claim to waterproof basement walls. So you wonder: Is it really possible to dry out a basement simply by sealing the wa
For thirty-four years, The Fieldstone Foundation has been committed to supporting our communities. From the beginning, when we were a traditional grantmaker, we looked for organizations doing impactful work and being guided by a visionary and values-
Got a wet basement waterproof it have you ever wondered where basement water seepage comes from basement water seeping is caused by a variety of issues and events basement water seepage dewatering systems central illinois peoria and waterproofing. Ta
I have asked a contractor (foundation/concrete guy) and he said he can put special mix of mortar at the corner at the end of that wall. My question is, what do you think causes the water in that section to accumulates? And do you think the contractor
You didn't indicate your location or site characteristics (slope, hillside, etc), but the location of the country, even generally could be helpful, but not required. You indicated the water bill was not high so it could not be a water leak. That woul
I am constructing a building from reinforced concrete and AAC blocks in Indonesia. The building will have a flat (2% sloping) roof of reinforced concrete. This will be exposed to tropical rain, as will a overhanging canopy
A wireless access point is a device that helps laptops and other devices that use wireless Ethernet connect to a network. An outdoor wireless access point is designed to work in all climates and has antennas that are powerful enough to distribute gig
Fasteners for a log-sided wall must penetrate the log itself, the exterior sheathing and the studs. The actual length of the galvanized fastener depends on the thickness of the log, as the fasteners have to penetrate the log and then the studs by 1 1