Questions about: well-pump

This would appear to be most likely a faulty pressure switch. Start there. The job of the pressure switch is to turn on when the water pressure is low, and turn off when it is high enough - this is most commonly a 20 PSI range (ie, 20-40, 30-50 or 40
For a long time, I have been using a Jinasena N110T/1 water pump. The specs are as follows: 1" x 1" H max 80ft 1000 gph @ 42ft 0. 75 HP 220-240V 0
I agree. It sounds like either the line between the pump and well is frozen or you have a leak. The leak being between the pump and well, since anywhere else in the house would be detected by you, by now
My water pressure fluctuates drastically throughout the day. The well isn't water-logged. The pump seems to be working correctly
We have a well that has been causing us some trouble. The pressure gauge/pressure switch assembly on our water tank is older and rusted due to the high calcium/mineral content in our water here. (1
Have you checked the pre-load of the pressure tank? Improper pre-load can cause the pressure switches to operate improperly, causing the pump to either run too long or not often enough. Operating too long can cause a thermal cutout as mentioned by Wa
To get started choosing the right pump for your application you need to know the following: How much water flow will do I need -Duty point? How much Pressure do I need- Duty point? Pump Type and construction eg: Cast iron or Stainless steel? Control