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2013: Be sure and read the comments, there is a ton of good information from other people who have gone through getting their iPhones wet. Thanks to all!—“Help! My iPhone got wet! WHAT DO I DO??” No worries. If your iPhone got drenched, here’s what t
Wet rooms can be installed in almost any space in the home, on both timber and solid bases. A large bathroom can be converted into a spacious open plan wet room with a bath and a walk-in shower area, while a smaller space can easily be turned into a
The method for using the invention is in combination with a table style wet saw, in particular, one using a roller tray with lip or one that guides motor and the blade across a stationary tray with lip. The size and dimensions of the invention are wo
So I'll start off by saying that I'm sorry I have no before pictures, but I made you a video of the sponge-painting process on a piece of foam board. This room was done twelve years ago and it really is an easy process to paint this effect on the wal