What's this ceiling mounting system called?


Thank you for the clarification. I wasn't sure if the "equipment" was additional to the access points or if the access points were the equipment. Being just very lightweight access points, the off-the-shelf most everywhere anchoring solutions are quite broad. I'll just present a few options to help you visualize & build upon.

If you'd prefer a single attack & homogeneous look & procedure in only using the ceiling's channels, since they're everywhere. Then, I'd suggest Little L-Brackets Masonry Screwed or Masonry Bolted into the channels with a drilled hole. Due to the small amount of weight we're talking the L-Bracket's one side can be cut or slit to slip in your Loop Cable.

Drilling the holes too big or sloppy can be remedied by bigger Masonry Screws or going to the longer & drill deeper Sleeve Anchor pictured on the far right, these combinations would very closely match the method used for the Unistrut's anchoring.

The I-Beam anchors can be as simple as a...

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Yeah, but Frank Lloyd Wright was only 5'-3" tall, too. 7' ceilings were very cozy to him. But that isn't why he did them. He was from Green Springs, Wisconsin (VERY cold) and he was very being innovative taking the ceiling (and the warmth) down from the Victorian standard of 13' balloon framed walls & ceiling. It was all an issue of bringing the heat down to the people.

He, later, developed a proportioning system based in horizontal 2x14 boards on 4x4 posts every 4' as the skin of the house. They were cheap, followed the construction of the prairie settlers, but they had no wall insulation and needed every therm from the hearth just to keep the place warm. He didn't build in double surface stud walls until much later in his career.

Why was the Victorian standard 13' you ask? Because they were following English city houses, which were following European design which followed medieval cathedrals who made extremely tall thin windows to get LIGHT to cast all the way across the...

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Harpoon mounting system enables rapid and safe installation of the tension potolkaShtapikovaya or harpoon? The different fastening systems? So there is significant difference in the end? If you decide to transform a room by the construction of a stretch ceiling, surely you are interested in not only a question of price, but the features of the system. Nuances really matter.

Fix a suspended ceiling: harpoon system, the pros

At least six reasons to harpoon fixing system you have. This method of saving in many cases. These arguments can be decisive for the choice of the locking system.

Use the harpoon system is possible to create complex multi-level constructions of suspended ceilings

6 reasons for making the harpoon system:

Installation of suspended ceilings with harpoon fixing is carried out in a few hours - that is very fast; The surface of the film will not stretch, and after installing any wrinkles too will not be; System "sharpened" under heavy...
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SOLO-STEP® needs to be in every rehab center in America! I was paralyzed from the waist down when I was 21 years old. Doctors told me I would never walk again. After 6 months in the hospital, over 20 surgeries and many months of physical therapy, I took my first steps! The scariest thing in life was taking those first steps. For able-bodied people, falling is not a big deal or something to fear. But for someone who has been injured or has some medical condition that leaves them unable to walk, it is one of the scariest things they ever face. I wish I would have had the SOLO-STEP®earlier on in my therapy.

Bret Merkle

Solo-Step User

Using the SOLO-STEP®, I felt completely confident that I would not fall and this allowed me to concentrate entirely on walking with my prosthesis. I was able to get rid of my crutches faster and practice walking over a step and forward, backward and sideways at my own speed. I especially liked the security during balance drills....

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Ceiling mounting a projector is a fairly simple task. However, as with any overhead fixing, there is a risk of damage or injury if the fixing fails. If you do not have the ski

…lls and experience to carry out the work properly, get professional help. First, you will need a ceiling mounting kit. They are made either for specific projectors or are universal. When you buy it from a dealer, make sure that they confirm it will work with your projector. Next, locate the fixing point. The fixing should be made into timber or steel beams, concrete or other substantial material. Fixing into plasterboard, dry wall, lightweight ceiling tiles is likely to carry a risk of the fixings failing. Far more common is that the mounting is unstable. Unstable mounting means that vibration in the building will show up as movement of the image. Footfalls, washing machines, doors closing can all cause image movement in lightweight fixings, so avoid them at all costs. Remember that all projectors...
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Everyone loves beauty and comfort. It is difficult to argue!

And so, to create comfort and cleanliness in the home or office, you will have stretch ceiling!

What is a stretch ceiling?

This is a membrane, which is stretched in the upper part of the space forming the finished ceiling.

Why the stretch ceiling is rapidly gaining popularity?
First of all — it is very beautiful. Stretch ceiling forms a perfectly flat surface of any shape and size.
Thus, only 1 inch, or more reduce the total height of the room. Choosing a glossy (mirror) texture of the material, you will enhance the room volume.
Stretch ceiling completely non-toxic. It does not allow water damage and the bacteria will not multiply.
For the production of stretch ceilings materials, are used that are not exposed to moisture.
To install the stretch ceiling is not necessary in the preparation of the surface of an existing ceiling.
Stretch ceiling is set at a distance...

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Exercise 1. Read the advertisement and translate the technical specifications into your own language.

Exercise 2. Try to answer these questions.

What is the main function of a microprocessor?

What unit of frequency is used to measure processor speed?

What does 'RAM' stand for?

Exercise 3. Read the text below and then sentences after the text. Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F), and rewrite the false ones to make them true.

What’s inside a pc system?

The nerve centre of a PC is the central processing unit or CPU. This unit is built into a single microprocessor chip – an integrated circuit – which executes program instructions and supervises the computer's overall operation. The unit consists of three main parts:

the control unit, which examines the instructions in the user's program, interprets each instruction and causes the circuits and the rest of the components – disk drives, monitor, etc. – to...

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What matters when you’re laying out a coffered ceiling is the size of the finished beam, not the size of the crown molding. And you have to use the Outside Dimension of the full finished beam—the O.D.—not the backing or substrate you might be installing first.


(Note: Click any image to enlarge)

I make my coffered ceilings using what I call “hollow backing.” I make three types of hollow backing shapes or forms: one is for beam intersections and is shaped like the intersection of two streets (see TOP form in the photo to the right).

I make another simpler shape for locations where beams terminate into walls. I use the same form for mid-span backing—when I want to support a beam between intersections, or when I’m running a single long beam across a ceiling. I usually install mid-span hollow backing about every 2 ft. (see LEFT form in the photo to the right).

For ceilings with perimeter beams—half-beams or full beams right against the walls—I...

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Ceiling mounted WAPs have the best coverage. Like landmines, WAPs transmit in a cone.

They don't work well on top of a light board for a stage or someplace where people can knock them off. If it's where someone can knock it off, they will do so. Support calls because that WAP doesn't work right will soon follow.

I'm also finding that if they and their plugs are near where someone may unplug the power adapter to use that outlet or because they feel that the cord is unsightly, you may be finding that WAP unplugging itself and falling off the grid. Remember, these things have a way of unplugging themselves with no one touching them at all.

The one problems with ceilings is that I don't know how to work with them without destroying the tiles. And cussing. And spitting out pulling whatever-the-tiles-are-made-of out of my nose for the next two days.

I don't recommend putting anything but the cable inside the ceiling when the roof above it is in direct...

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For more information contact our Data Book www.pasohelp.com

The X-ABT-S2010 unit for ceiling mounting is the result of state-of-the-art technology and combines a pleasant appearance with excellent sound-performance parameters as well as excellent resistance to mechanical damage and to changing weather conditions. It is also easy to install rapidly. This unit for ceiling mounting has a flameproof cap, a thermal fuse and a double ceramic terminal block (IN/OUT), and a steel safety cable is included in the supply. In order to ensure conformity with the highest quality standards, this speaker unit has been tested using thorough procedures requiring high sound-emission parameters, safety and reliability. The X-ABT-S136 unit for ceiling mounting has been designed to achieve the highest levels of reliability in case of fire and its specifications are such that it can be used with excellent results in any type of public...

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Notre Dame was the first college program in the country to use the high-tech system.

Statistics have always been part of the foundation of baseball. From the time the first player stepped into the batters box, players and fans alike have been tracking performance using traditional statistics such as batting average (AVG), runs batted in (RBI) and earned run average (ERA). More recently, the introduction of sabermetrics has redefined how a player is valued, with on-base plus slugging (OPS) and wins above replacement (WAR) becoming key metrics used for constructing a team.

While the emergence of sabermetrics changed the manner in which the game is analyzed and even played, recent advancements in technology continue to push the envelope in terms of how players are evaluated. Analyzing how a player performs in game situations is standard. Understanding how a player performs before stepping onto the field, however, can have a dramatic impact on a player's performance...

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The Right Car

Mounting problems with the BMW 7 Series. Maybe one day people will realize how overrated the Beemer really is. Nice car for the most part but definetly much to overhyped. Don’t believe me? Just test drive a 330 and a Infiniti G35 back to back. And then decide what to do with the $10K that you can save with the Infiniti G35 [The Wagner Blog]

Right sentiment, wrong car. ;) I’ve had my Audi A6 2.7t for almost 2 years, and I’ve never driven a car that’s even remotely like it, especially not for the price. Where $40k might get you into a bottom level 3-Series, it buys you one of the fastest, most comfortable, and downright well appointed luxury cars on the road. The twin turbos show virtually no lag, even here at 6500 feet. Oh, and with fully-independent full-time all wheel drive, it handles like a snowmobile in the winter weather. :) [The .NET Guy]

I tried very hard to let this go, but being a die-hard car guy and race driver I just couldn’t. ;-) I’m...

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