What are the potential dangers of not removing the tabs on a split receptacle?


With a 120/240V single split-phase system, there are two possible outcomes.

Separate legs

If the branch circuits feeding the device are on separate legs of the service, then the tab will be creating a direct short-circuit between the legs.

This will cause a high current through the circuits, which should trip one of the breakers fairly quickly.

If the receptacle is fed by branch circuits on the same leg of the service, the danger is a bit more subtle. Initially everything works fine, no sparks, no tripped breakers. In fact, this situation can go unnoticed indefinitely, and never cause a problem.

The problem only occurs, if you try to draw more current than the individual branch circuit ratings. In the example below, the branch circuit protection for each circuit is 15 amperes.

If you put a load on the circuits, you'll find that the current will take all available paths. This means that the current will actually be divided...

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A power receptacle is a point of connection between electrical devices such as lamps, computers, and stoves, and the electricity entering a structure. Often referred to simply as a “receptacle,” a power receptacle is a vital part of the wiring of a structure, and most structures have a multitude of receptacles to provide numerous points of connection. The use of multiple receptacles also allows for the use of different dedicated circuits; for example, a receptacle designed for use with a hot water heater can be put on its own circuit to prevent an overload.

Many lay people know a power receptacle as a power outlet or wall socket. The receptacle consists of a female connector which is designed to interface with male connectors. When something is plugged into the power receptacle, power can enter the device which is plugged in. When unplugged, the receptacle is open again, and may be used to connect another device, or left open.

Because the power receptacle acts as an...

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It seemed like a simple run-of-the-mill question when first presented. So, let's run it again.

QUESTION: "If I split-wire a receptacle by breaking off the tab provided on the receptacle, do I have to use a two-pole breaker to feed this receptacle?" The answer is a qualified yes. If you use a multiwire branch circuit to feed this receptacle and the installation is in a dwelling unit, the branch circuit must be provided with a means to disconnect simultaneously all ungrounded conductors at the panelboard where the branch circuit originated. The 1999 National Electrical Code (NEC) reference is Section 210-4(b).

ANSWER: 210-4 Multiwire Branch Circuits (b) Dwelling Units. In dwelling units, a multiwire branch circuit supplying more than one device or equipment on the same yoke shall be provided with a means to disconnect simultaneously all ungrounded conductors at the panelboard where the branch circuit originated.

The intent of that requirement is obvious. If...

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the hot wire side enters the appliance and the neutral is connected to the other end of the appliance circuitry, when the polarity is reversed the appliance circuitry is electrically charged all the time, but only functional when a switch closes the neutral wire connection and the current begins flowing.

The diagram below illustrates the difference in reversed polarity with a toaster. When wired correctly, the circuit is energized only up to the open switch (left). But, with reversed polarity (right), the entire circuit within the toaster is “live” up to the backside of the switch.

So, the heating element wires in a toaster (the ones that turn red) would shock you if you stuck a knife in the toaster with reversed polarity to prod a piece of toast loose. Also, the metal shell of the light bulb socket in a lamp would cause a shock if touched when the polarity is reversed. Both of them are harmless if the wiring is correct.

A three-light...

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The easiest place to install your switch is directly above the receptacle you want to split. This eliminates the potential problem of running your wire through wall studs, across the ceiling or under the floor. For this example, we will be installing the switch above the receptacle, but you can place it wherever you need to in your situation. If you need guidance on how to run wire through a ceiling or under a floor, see the links in Resources below.

So, the first thing you will have to do is find the circuit that is delivering the power to the receptacle. Toggle the breakers until you find the right one. Leave the circuit breaker OFF.

Before you remove the existing receptacle, use the voltage tester to double-check that you got the right circuit. Now that that is confirmed you can remove the receptacle's faceplate and the two screws securing the receptacle to the wall box. Gently pull the receptacle out of the box using the top and bottom brackets.


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A split-circuit receptacle, as the name suggests, has a different power source for each plug-in outlet. You can identify a split-circuit receptacle because the connecting tab will be broken on the hot side and different hot wires connect to each hot terminal.


Always turn off power to the circuits you are working on—and remember that there are two circuits in the case of some split-circuit receptacles. Double-check at the project site before and after removing the cover plate to make sure the power is off.

In some localities, a split-circuit receptacle in a kitchen is required by code. Photo courtesy of Thomas J. Story

Where & When to Use Them

This is a good arrangement for a series of receptacles above a workbench, where you may plug two heavy-use tools or appliances into the same receptacle. Because the two plugs are on different circuits, they will not cause a circuit overload. Some local codes require this arrangement (rather than...

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ELECTRICAL SPLIT RECEPTACLE WIRING- CONTENTS: wiring details for split receptacles in which the upper and lower half of the electrical receptacle or outlet or wall plug are powered from different circuits or in which the top or bottom of a receptacle is switches POST a QUESTION or READ FAQs about how to install and wire electrical outlets or receptacles in buildings. REFERENCES

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How to wire up a split receptacle:

This article descrbes how an electrician may split the wiring to an individual electrical receptacle (wall outlet) so that the upper and lower halves of the device may be powered separately. Most-often we use this feature when we want to be able to switch a table or floor lamp on or off from a wall switch while keeping "always-on" power provided to the other half of the receptacle. For example in a bedroom we might want...

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Эта функция будет внедрена постепенно и может быть недоступна для вас прямо сейчас.

Если вы создали рекламную кампанию, которая включает сплит-тест, вы сможете отредактировать только график или бюджет сплит-теста. После начала тестирования вы не сможете вносить изменения в какие-либо другие составляющие своей группы объявлений или в оформление рекламы.

Кроме того, если сплит-тест в настоящее время запущен, добавить еще один сплит-тест для той же кампании нельзя. Возможности редактирования ограничены, потому что изменение некоторых аспектов вашей группы объявлений или отдельного объявления может отрицательно сказаться на точности сплит-теста.

Чтобы отредактировать бюджет или график кампании, содержащей сплит-тест:

Перейдите в Ads Manager или Power Editor.В списке активных кампаний нажмите название кампании со сплит-тестом, который вы хотите отредактировать.Должна появиться панель редактирования. Внесите изменения в разделе Бюджет и график...
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Switched 120 V for floor

or table lamp

Switched Receptacle

Neutral terminal screws connected by metal tab

Spit Receptacle Wiring Diagrams

A duplex receptacle has removable metal tabs that electrically connect 120 V and neutral together on each receptacle. A split receptacle is a duplex with one or both tabs removed to isolate each receptacle from the other. In most cases, only the 120 V tab is removed.

Switched Split Receptacle

A switched split duplex receptacle (also known as a “half hot”) is used to control a table or floor lamp with a wall switch near the room entrance. Half of the duplex is connected to the switch and the other half is always hot. Switched duplex receptacles are rotated 180 degrees from the orientation of other receptacle in the house for identification. The tab on the receptacle that connects the hot terminals together is removed so that each half of the receptacle can operate independently.


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Ray Kurzweil’s work in The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology has brought me a new and profound hope for the future of humankind. Through his detailed discussion of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics, I am now as much as a hopeful optimist as he about the future, and look forward to the day the Singularity arrives.

His definition of the Singularity is “a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed” (Kurzweil, 7). However, it is not merely enough only to read those words. One must be able to look at what impact the Singularity will have on the future of humanity, and understand that the world of today will be vastly different from the world of tomorrow, which is approaching rapidly and forever changing the way humans interact with technology.

There is not a single project headed by a single corporation or government being researched and applied to...

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Some folks consider human cloning as the biggest breakthrough of the century, while others consider it as a living nightmare. As such, human cloning means creating an identical human being with the aid of recent technology and genes of the donor. While the cloned individual will look like a carbon copy of the donor in terms of appearance, the personality of the two individuals could be world-apart from each other.

While outward appearance can be cloned, the personality of an individual cannot be cloned. After all, every person out there builds a unique personality for himself based on real life experiences and knowledge gained with growing age. It’s believed that the potential dangers linked with human cloning outweigh the advantages associated with human cloning, which is why human cloning is banned in most countries out there. Let’s have a look at the potential dangers of human cloning.

Medical Issues

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