What are those black dots in my water?


Black dots in stool, more...


About two weeks ago, I woke up in the morning with diarrhea about an hour after I woke. I only had two bowel movements that day, each about an hour or so apart, but both were awful. They were yellowish, had mucus in them, and very loose and watery. I felt ill in general, and had no energy, probably due to dehydration. I took a pill to help with the diarrhea that day, and it did help, but i continued to have a stomach ache for the rest of the day and the next morning. I would describe the stomach ache as being more generally uncomfortable rather than extremely painful. Then, it was several days after that before i had another bowel movement. Ever since then, my stool has been more yellowish than normal, and has little black dots in it. The dots are about the size of little pieces of pepper. I don't seem to have as much of an appetite as usual either. When I do get hungry, I'm starving and my stomach makes really loud rumbling...

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My mum had the same problem just before I left home. I can't stand having flies in the house now. If I see one I'll chase it out or kill it with a newspaper as soon as I notice it - that seems to keep them under control.

Bins? Are you taking the bin bags out regularly enough? Is your outside bin too close to your open window?

Maybe house plants? Another thing my mum has which I don't. I do sometimes leave food out and half done washing up etc (and cat food) and they don't seem to be attracted to that. But I don't literally have the windows open constantly. I have a bit of an irrational phobia of wasps so tend to only have windows open in the room that I am in.

There was a fly trap which they made on Kim & Aggie once, I'll see if I can find where I wrote it...

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Although most of us are well-versed with the purpose of objects like the ashtray, courtesy light, and back mirror, yet, there still are many features of your automobile which may seem useless to you but serve a greater purpose. One such feature is the presence of black dots which stare at you, right in the face, from your windshield.

As it turns out, these black bands, called the frit, are baked in a ceramic paint. Your car’s windshield is held in its place thanks to a urethane sealant, which also keeps out the water during rainfall. However, the sealant can deteriorate on exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the frit protects it from excessive sunlight exposure. Besides that, the frit also helps in covering up the glue on the edge of the windshield, which would otherwise ruin the aesthetics of the car.

The black dots of varying gradient that rise from the frit make your car look aesthetically appealing as they form a nice contrast with the...

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Black dots

The pianissimo notes, each like a tiny droplet of water, instill a serenity so deep that my heart lingers in the moment.

I close my eyes.

The music takes me into another world, a place far, far from the confines of reality. I am instantly transported into a palace, furnished with soft velvet and beautiful paintings and smelling of gentle fragrance. In another instant, I am thrust into a field burning with the heat of a thousand wildfires. It’s funny — music notes are just black dots laid out on a white background, yet they paint pictures of myriads of shades and colors and tones. Major and minor, chords and scales, glistening and stark. They come alive.

I first picked up a violin at the age of six. I was envious of my sister who had already started taking lessons, actually. Little did I know what I was getting into. Each day, I was coerced to play for 15 minutes. Imagine a six-year-old, with the small hands he has, trying to...

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Try and think of something colourful for this season,

Попробуй, подумай о чём-нибудь ярком для этого времени года,

Pull the wool over the gullible for no reason,

Обмани безо всякого повода доверчивого,

You are all I have these days, shake it up and run away

Ты – всё, что у меня нынче; встряхни и убегай,

With the night squabbling behind you.

А за спиной у тебя останется вздорная ночь.

From the smoke in your hair to the blood in the bruise,

От дыма в твоих волосах до крови в синяках,

And the bows on the shoes you kicked off,

И бантов на туфлях, которые ты скинула,

I'm joining the dots,

Я соединяю точки,

I'm joining the dots.

Я соединяю точки.

Thought I heard them talking in their sleep yesterday,

Казалось, вчера я слышал, как они говорили во сне,

And I tried but I just can't believe a word they say.

Я пытался, но не смог поверить их...

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What are those white dots in my honey comb?

When inspecting your hive first thing in the spring after a long cold winter, you may pull out a frame that looks like the picture below. It is filled with white wet looking crystals or chunks. You may mistake this for some kind of pest or disease but the real answer is very simple – it is just honey – crystallized honey in comb. Crystallization happens when honey’s texture changes from a more liquid to a more solid substance as crystals start to form from the sugars in the honey.

Why does honey crystallize?

Raw honey naturally crystallizes over time and is temperature dependent, with the most rapid crystal growth occurring between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The floral source of your honey also factors into how fast your honey will crystallize, meaning some honey will crystallize faster than others. Black Locust honey is a slow crystallizing honey while Goldenrod honey crystallizes very quickly. The water and the...

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by Lynn

Does anyone know what these small round black dots are?

I went to the doctor. Left with no idea what was on, in my skin - small round black dots clustered, or in a row. Some so small you could only see them with mag.

Also some black lines random some zig zag and with or with out the dots. From the line around my head hair to the soles of my feet.

No symptoms at first. It was on a bored day at home I noticed on my right front thigh (worst spot) a huge mass of little black lines..then I noticed dots everywhere. Some big some small.

My dog likes to rub his head (ears) on my right thigh. He has been having flies feast on his ears(treating those with ear mite stuff) and has been shaking his head and rubbing his ears. I was treating them, without gloves...

3rd round of emilite cream from the doctor for me. Not sure they are gone. There has been some re-infestation, I think. Hard to say. Think the small...

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Question: Can you tell me how do I remove black spots and dots from my face remedies? I want to lighten face, suggest me natural remedies for beautiful skin.

Answers: Sometimes having dark black spots on the face cannot be avoided especially if it is caused by genetics. But if you have dark spots on the face, don’t you wish you had a clearer facial skin free of dark, embarrassing spots? Surely, there are ways to treat dark spots on the face like applying heavy make up to conceal the spots.

But if your make up has faded, the black spots would be visible again. There are black spots on the face remedies that last long and more effective than temporarily hiding the spots away.

Causes of Black Dark Spots and Dots on Face

Before you go for black spots on the face remedies, you need to know first what causes these dark spots. The black spots on your face may be due to the following causes:

Exposure to sunlight. The rays of the sun could give out harmful effects...
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