What can be used to prevent my windows from sliding down?


I saw your question earlier, but hesitated to respond because there is no simple answer or fix. First, you need to start with a clean system. Then things get complicated. It's such a huge topic that I'll provide some tips, cut certainly not everything you can or should do. I'm sure others on here will have things to add to what I've written. Below is a list of some things you can try.

1. Only install software from reputable developers. DO NOT install a bunch of crap, even if you are going to remove it later. Every install / uninstall leave behind a bunch of old stuff on disk and in the registry that clutter up the system. There are cleaners out there that are "supposed" to clean up this crap, but I don't know if they work or if they make things worse.
2. If you have software that you never use, uninstall it. If you haven't used a particular program in the last year, get rid of it – but keep the installer. You can always reinstall when you actually need it. This is...

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Why are my windows fogging up in winter? What did I do wrong? As it gets colder out, people may notice that their windows are icing up on the inside. This can be a frustrating situation because you can’t seem to defrost them or get rid of the ice – it just keeps coming back. There might be days that you may not even be able to see out of your windows at all. There are four main causes to windows frosting up in your home: temperature, humidity, the quality of the window installation and air circulation.

Outside Temperature Causes

Ever noticed that it doesn’t matter how hot it is in the summer, your windows never get any condensation on them? That’s because warm air can hold a lot of moisture – so it doesn’t stick to anything – it just floats around in the air, happy to be suspended. However, drop the temperature a bit and you might notice that your windows will fog up – drop it a lot and they ice up completely. The colder it gets outside, the more likely your windows...

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The simplest way I have found to easily switch power modes to manage the machines ability to manage power is by defining Power Schemes. You just go into control panel and create any new power schemes or edit the existing existing predefined schemes. Setup a scheme for how you want the machine to behave normally where it does go to sleep when allowed. For example, on my Windows 7 machines I just edit the predefined "Balanced" power scheme for this. Then edit or create a scheme where the machine runs at full speed / power 100% of the time and is not allowed to sleep. Again, I just edit the existing "High Performance" power scheme and configure it that way. Then once these power schemes are defined you can easily script the mode the machine is running in using the POWERCFG.EXE command line utility.

Pop open a command line window and run:

powercfg -list

... when that runs, you should get a list of all of the machines defined power schemes along with the corresponding GUID...

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You may want to try Glary Utilities. A free version is available. Does most of the things suggested above and more. Also has some additional tools for checking the infrastructure of you system. Google it and give it a try.

Also, make sure to check for malware with more than one program. They will all find different things potentially. To be a bit more thorough I always scan with:

PC Tools (free from Google in the Packages Link)
Malware Bytes (free version)
AVG (free version)
Glary Utilities
SuperAntivirus (free version)
Microsoft Defender (free)

I only have one on autoscan, so they don't fight or conflict (usually AVG since it is relatively low overhead). I use the others on a weekly basis to check for other viruses.

If you have Vista, in the control panel list there are a bunch of tools you can use to get reports on the performance. Use these to drill down. You can also look at the event log and drill down with it. Any problem...

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Basically I pushed a full screen UIViewController into a UINavigationController and would like to toggle whether the navigationBarHidden is seem.

Howerever I find that after I set navigationBarHidden to YES, the whole UIView will slide down a 44 pixels to make the room for navigationBar. How to I disable this behavior? Since I already set barStyle to UIBarStyleBlackTranslucent and the sliding off is really not necessary.

//init viewController [self.navigationController pushViewController:viewController animated:YES];


I am also dealing with pushing a scrollview to the navigation controller.. I find that after setting the navigation bar to be visible. My scroll view will be pushed down a little bit, when I scroll the view manually in that state, the scrollView itself will slide up again. My question is how to prevent the scrollView from sliding down.

Frame size is the same before the view slide down or...

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Open windows allow great breezes, fresh air and the sounds of nature into a home. When a window slides down while open, there is not enough tension between the window and the frame. Depending on the type of window, there are multiple solutions to keep the window securely in place while open. These solutions will help keep windows maintained for years without requiring new ones.

Sprial Tension Windows

Lift your window and look under it. If there is a small opening with a "T" shape, then the window is a sprial tension window and can be fixed by tightening the spring.

Purchase a spiral balance tension tool. These tools are available at local hardware stores. Write down the model of your windows, because there are variations on tool based on different manufacturers.

Insert the tool straight into the hole and hook the rivet around the "T" shape of the rod.

Turn the tool to the right two or three times to tighten the rod. You will feel the tension of...

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Vinyl windows that stick, or are difficult to open and close can be annoying, and should not be ignored. Eventually the window may not slide at all, and this can be a huge issue if you’re hoping to sell your home, or simply for personal comfort reasons. In many cases, before a window begins to stick, it will squeak to indicate the track is dirty and needs lubrication. Cleaning and lubricating a vinyl window assembly are tasks most owners can do themselves.

Close the window and wipe along the track, trim and sill with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust, dirt and bugs.

Open the window and wipe the track, trim and sill parts that you could not reach with the window closed.

Remove stuck on dirt and bugs remaining in the track with a soft bristled cleaning brush. Be careful not to scrub the surface too hard, or you may damage the vinyl.

Vacuum any remaining dust, bugs or debris out of the track, and then wipe all parts of the window a final time with a cloth...

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