What header size for a 36" wide window?


it depends on a lot of things:

1) dead load above 2) live load (do you get lots of snow, rain, etc.) 3) wall finish (for practical reasons you may have difficulty changing the header on a stucco wall, which is what it looks like from the cement stains on the interior of the sheathing boards) 4) material. steel is much stronger than wood. spruce is stronger than pine.

in a 2 x 4 wall, you can do a double header construction with a 5/8" ply liner between them as a spacer. given this, the fact that you are increasing the span from 20" to 36", then the span will be almost twice what was there before, but its still only 36". generally, you need a 2x6 double header minimum for just about any scenario, so if you are worried about it, go to a double 2x8. here in ontario, lintels under 2x8 are not permitted (table a-12), but your span is so small it doesn't even fit the minimum requirements. just use a doubled 2x8. its overkill, but thats the best way to build...

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Help with Curtain Sizes

First you should know that Window Toppers supplies you with excellent size information on each product page that states the window width each item will accommodate as well as other helpful sizing information. We provide this in the main product description and added information under the Measurements & Size Help tab, located next to the description tab on the page.

If you are unfamiliar with terms used in this guide, please view our Guide To Window Treatment Terminology for help with understanding any of the terms used in describing curtains and how they are manufactured.

What size curtains do I need - is probably the most often asked question we hear. We understand this and have many many years of experience helping our customers figure out what size curtains or window treatments they need for their homes. Window Toppers is going to provide you with some great information to help with buying curtains.

Measuring The Length...

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I've a table with 2 columns and each column is 800px wide. I want to show this table in 800x50 window. So there should be horizontal and vertical scrollbar to view complete table.

While I've found few related solutions (this and this) on SO, they only work if table width is smaller than screen size. In my case screen size is 1200px and total table width is 1600px.

How could I do this? i want to achieve something like this.

EDIT Oops, I forgot to add one more requirement. Sorry. I want the header of the table to remain fixed while user scrolls table.


I've tried below mentioned solutions to wrap in a div, but in this case vertical scrollbar doesn't show up. Please see this table with wrapper div. It seems this problem only occurs if table width is bigger than screen size. I'm testing on FF3.6.


current table code. This has no vertical scroller even though I can scroll...

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A pre-hung door has a frame attached to it. Many carpenters prefer to use pre-hung doors to save installation time. They are slightly more expensive than door slabs that do not have the frame pre-attached. A rough opening is the opening into which the door and frame are installed. It is composed of a vertical wall stud on each side of the door and a header, a wider board that spans the top of the opening.

To hang the door, a carpenter places the frame in the rough opening and inserts shims – thin strips of wood – between the door frame and the wall studs to ensure that the door is placed evenly. Shims are necessary because framed opening are not usually perfectly square. Without shims, the door would not close properly. The door is then checked with a level and nailed into place with thin finishing nails.

Installing a pre-hung door requires commonly available tools and a few basic supplies. This do-it-yourself project can be completed by anyone with basic carpentry...

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Blogger gives users the tools to customize their blog using graphics and text. Header images are one such form of graphics, usually stating the name of the blog and giving some measure of additional visual flair. Depending on the template used to create the blog, the header may need to confirm to a different width restriction. Height isn't any issue for Blogger headers.

The word "BLOG" formed from letter squares on wood.

credit: dimarik/iStock/Getty Images

As its name implies, the "Simple" template is just that -- simple. A white workspace is framed by background imagery on the sides and bottom of the blog. When creating a header for this template, the maximum header width is 840 pixels. As with all Blogger templates, any height will do, but width beneath the maximum will leave blank space in the header, while widths exceeding this limit will be cut off at the side.

The "Picture Window" template incorporates the header and blog description into the...

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Some context: I want to have matching images for my website and facebook page in order to time them together visually. I am happy to use a different size image (that's easily accomplished) but I'd like to know what's the best 'full width' header image size to go for on a webpage? (I know Facebook requires a 925x250 size, which seems just a bit... odd). And several searches indicate a common opinion that 960w or thereabouts is optimal for a webpage, however these are somewhat dated. This is just for use on a fairly basic web page. Advice please? The answer will vary a bit. Does your website have a maximum width that the header will go regardless of the screen or is it fully responsive?

If you have a max width, you don't really need to go much over that, if you decide to go over it at all. It also depends on the image. I've found that complex images look better if they're a bit large then scaled down. Normal images look fine at 100%. But doing large images also...

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Summary of this article: Would you feel tired to chase down all the pixel sizes for your social media profile images? If so, read and collect this article, here tells you at great length what the sizes needed for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Have you ever been following the trail of the new sizes for the social media profile images but still cannot remember clearly all the time the dimension for each banner?

Anyway, for me, remembering my Facebook cover size, Twitter header size or YouTube banner size seems impossible, because now and again I forget them.

Do you have as much of a problem remembering the dimensions of all the headers as I do? If so, just go forward with me and bookmark this article, for I search all the latest required header sizes here of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You will find it easier to create them in appropriate sizes rather than on each of site to adjust your image’s dimensions.

So let’s get started…


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Headers Support the

House Structure

Overview: One of the most important components in wall framing for windows and doors is know how to build headers. When framing in a wall, door headers and window headers span the spaces above doors and windows and bear the structural weight of floors, ceilings and roofs above them.

Headers are also used in interior walls for doorways and where wider door space is desired between rooms. Interior walls that are load bearing walls also require load bearing headers for doorways.

Depending on the bearing load above an opening, headers are constructed of 2x4's on up to 2x14's. In a standard 2x4 wall these elements are doubled up with a 1/2" filler in the space between them and nailed together with 16d nails on both sides. In most homebuilding projects the most common size headers are usually 2x10 or 2x12.

Building the...

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Light up a room with expertly crafted sheer curtains from The Curtain Shop. Sheer curtains filter light entering a space for a sophisticated look you're sure to love. In addition to sheer curtains, we also carry semi-sheer window curtains and sheer voile curtains. Our designs are made by well-loved brands like Oyster Bay curtains by Ricardo Trading and are available in a variety of colors including white, ivory, blue, bridal rose pink, moss green and lemonade yellow.

Whether you're looking for embroidered sheer curtain panels by Commonwealth Home Fashions with delicate vine patterns, Galway textured semi-sheer tuck pleat window panels that subtly filter incoming light or Commonwealth Home Fashions Kaleidoscope curtain panels, you'll find the perfect style for your home at The Curtain Shop. Shop to day to get the perfect window treatments for every room in your home.

With more than 60 years of industry experience at our family-owned U.S. store, we're able to deliver...

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Curtain length is typically measured from the top of the rod pocket to the bottom edge of the curtain. If the curtain has a header (the part above the rod pocket), this is typically not included in the length of the curtain. If the header is included in the length of the curtain, it will be specified in the description of the curtain.Tab curtain lengths include the tabs unless specified.The length of the fringe or edging sewn to a curtain or a dust ruffle should be added to the curtain length or dust ruffle drop length. The fringe length is specified in the description of the curtain.If you plan to use clip rings, remember the top of the curtain will start at the clip so you will need to take the length of the ring into account when determining what curtain length to purchase.Overall curtain length is a matter of personal preference and need not be exact. If you have not yet installed your rod, you can adjust the placement of your rod, a little higher or...
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