What is this plastic insert called? (Secures a wood screw to a cabinet door.)


by Chris Woodford. Last updated: November 12, 2017.

There's plenty of it, it's relatively cheap (or even free), it's environmentally friendly, it looks great, it's warm and cozy, it's super-strong, it lasts hundreds or even thousands of years, and you can use it for everything from building bridges to making paper or heating your home. It's wood—and it's quite possibly the most useful and versatile material on the planet, with many thousands of different uses. So what is it that makes wood so good? Let's take a closer look!

Photo: Wood really does grow on—or rather in—trees. Who'd have thought you could make a lovely coffee table or a fruit bowl from a gnarled old specimen like this? The outer part of a tree trunk might look dead, but it's very much alive: tree trunks grow outward (getting wider) as well as upward (getting higher).

What is wood?

You often hear people grumbling about money and all kinds of other things that "don't grow on trees";...

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What size thread is a ground bar screw?

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Gulmite screws are used on the sides of old Crown School Buses.

There are 24 points on the side of the head.

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What type of screw thread has an equilateral triangle thread form?

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Set screws are also used with nuts.

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A visual representation of the article.

@wanderer, the difference between bolts and screws are that both are externally threaded fasteners, but a bolt is intended to be tightened or released...

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From the most basic entry lockset to a keyless entry system equipped with an alarm, security door locks are as varied as the types of security needed. Entry locksets are the most basic type of security door locks, including a relatively simple lock in the door handle; this type is often seen in residential applications. One of the more common choices for added security is a deadbolt lock. Handle sets combine a entry lockset with a deadbolt.

Spring-operated entry locksets offer a minimal amount of security, but are convenient. Typically, there is a push-button on the interior side of the door handle, and a key access on the exterior. The door can be locked from either side. Some entry locksets have key access on both sides.

Deadbolts provide a high-level of security, and they come in several different styles. The name, deadbolt, refers to the manual operation of the lock, as there are no springs used to operate it. A single-cylinder lock uses a key on one side and a...

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a national police force – национальная полиция

a separate police force – отдельное полицейское подразделение

alocalauthority– местная власть

countycouncilors– члены совета графства

magistrates– мировые судьи

carryguns/firearms– носить оружие/огнестрельное оружие

weapons– вооружение

toguard– охранять

topatrol– патрулировать

ranks– звания

Criminal Investigation Department – Отдел уголовных расследований

to wear uniforms – носить форму

to obey regulations - подчиняться правилам

drunkendriving- вождение в нетрезвом состоянии

law-enforcementbodies– правоохранительные органы

toenforcelaw– проводить закон в жизнь

1. Answer the questions:

What is your idea of a good policeman?

What are the main duties of the police?

Have you ever dealt with the police in any situation?

2. Give definitions of the following words:


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For this reason, many professionals recommend using wood in climates with extra hot summers. Tropical woods, such as ipe and teak, wear and weather well. However, some of this wood is dark, so it holds more heat than lighter woods, such as the commonly used pressure-treated Southern yellow pine.

Redwood tends to be the West Coast's — primarily California's — predominant decking material due to its reasonable price tag, low maintenance and cool surface.

"Redwood is definitely the cheapest material in California because there's so much of it," says California contractor

Bonny Weil

. "Manufacturing costs are very low, versus a composite decking board that might take a lot of time to make, so it tends to be about twice as much."

This photo: Pine...

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The Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (usually known simply as the Shadow Cabinet) is, in British parliamentary practice, senior members of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition who scrutinise their corresponding Government ministers, develop alternative policies, and hold the Government to account for its actions and responses. Since May 2010, the Labour Party has been Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, and its leadership therefore forms the current Shadow Cabinet.

Not all Opposition frontbenchers are members of the Shadow Cabinet, which is composed of the most senior Opposition Members (usually around twenty).

The Leader of the Opposition, the Opposition Chief Whip and Opposition Deputy Chief Whip are the only Members of the Official Opposition to draw remuneration for their Opposition roles in addition to their salaries as Members of Parliament. The Leader of the Opposition and the Opposition Chief Whip in the House of Lords also receive a salary.

A Shadow Cabinet...

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What is mortise lock, and where are they used?
Straight from the manufacturer:
"Don't settle for cheap immitations. Replace your rusty old locks with our high quality, English-made version. You'll be thrilled with the quality of these exquisite reproductions. Each lock includes a solid brass strike and face plate, 2 steel skeleton keys and mounting screws. All of our mortise locks are keyed alike. Body: W- 3" H - 4" Thickness - 9/16". Face 7/8" x 6"/ 2 1/4"backset. 2 1/4" C/C knob spindle to keyhole. 8mm spindle hole is on the square.

We now carry a great line of reproduction hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. A mortise lock is actually a mechanism box, like you see in the image above, and of the dimensions mentioned in the description. A mortise lock requires special preperations to make it work, you probably don;t want to order this type of lock unless you are replacing an older set, or if you can have your door shop custom prepare your doors.

As the...

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