What is this stuff in the attic?


I don't think I've ever seen an old attic which didn't have flooring--I'd bet that practice started after the war when so many houses needed to be built for returning vets, since most of those didn't have full-height attics. :)

I find the beaverboard interesting, and I think that is what I removed from my basement ceiling--it only covered the part under the living room for some reason--maybe to keep stuff from the old coal furnace getting into the upstairs?

My house was built in 1908, and yet, my attic has the original finish--lath and plaster! It was even papered, but I don't know the pattern since every scrap of wallpaper in the house was painted over at least once--the downstairs hall had at least three coats of paint and about 1/16" of...

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When you’re a kid, nothing is more terrifying than the attic. There’s just something extra creepy about a dark and sometimes forbidden part of your home.

But if you thought your attic was creepy, wait until you see what these people found hidden in theirs. This stuff is seriously freaky.

1. If my daughter knew that her dolls would look like this after years in the attic, I don’t know if she’d ever stop crying.

2. Whatever this is, I never want to look at it again.

3. Oh, that’s where I left my grim reaper costume.

4. Forget ghosts. The most terrifying thing I can imagine in my attic is a giant wasp’s nest.

5. This obscure comic book starring the Pope isn’t necessarily creepy, but definitely weird.

6. Well, this certainly explains a lot about Grandpa.

7. …And I think this Nazi memorabilia explains even more.

8. There is definitely something sinister about this vintage baby...

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This story is based on the first picture of 'The Attic'. Be wary, it get's quite erotic towards the end.

Kevin was clearing out some stuff in the attic, when he stumbled upon something rather strange.
"What's a skin-suit of Sarah doing up here?!" he exclaimed
Just then his mother entered the door.
"I'm home Kevin" she announced
Hi mum" he said in response
"Are you still sorting out the stuff in the attic?" she inquired
"Just finishing up" he replied
"Don't forget to put the ladder back and close the door" she reminded him
"I won't" he said
Curious as to what was with the suit, he decided he better hold onto it. So he quickly swift down the stair, locked up the attic and went to hide it in his room, before his mother noticed. The next day his sister was in the attic. She climbed down and knocked on Kevin's door. Kevin precariously opened it.
"Hey Kevin", she said with a sweetest smile, "mind if i come in?"

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This next entry is one of those “What would you do?” dilemmas.

A few years ago, Josh Ferrin of Bountiful, Utah closed the deal on his first home. Hours later, Ferrin went to see his new house and started checking out each room of his new residence.

While planning out the organization of his tools in the garage, he noticed a little access panel in the ceiling with some carpeting sticking out. Thinking it would be a good cubbyhole for his kids to play in, Ferrin decided to investigate closer and grabbed a ladder. In the dark, tiny space the father found an ammunition case that looked like it came straight out of World War II. After further digging, he found seven more boxes and and called his wife to tell her about it. What he found next astounded him.

There was rolled cash inside the boxes. Not just a little cash, but $45,000 neatly twined in rolls in each box!

After thinking about how the money would help out with bills, the house, car repairs or even...

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An attic is the indoor space under the roof at the top of a house. There are two types: finished and unfinished. Unfinished attics are often used for storage spaces, while finished attics are livable spaces such as a master bedroom.

An unfinished attic that is considered possible to be made into living space is called an expansion attic. This expands the square footage of livable space in a home and is often very desirable to home owners. However, the conversion can be costly as air and heat vents are needed as well as proper flooring. The ceiling height must also be considered, and in many cases, the roof must be raised which is a major renovation. Walls and windows are also needed additions in most attic conversions.

A finished attic can provide great extra space if the renovations are worth the cost. For example, the space can be transformed into a special master bedroom retreat. If possible, a bathroom is a nice addition to a bedroom in a finished attic....

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"Toys In The Attic" is the eleventh session, or episode, of Cowboy Bebop.

In order of appearance:

Something is crawling around the ship. While Ein and Edward are sleeping, Jet and Faye are gambling and Spike is using a welder to cook a shish kabob. Jet has lost most of his things, including all his clothes except his underwear, to Faye in a dice game. He challenges her again but loses when Faye cheats using a device disguised as a bracelet around her leg. Spike enters the room with a shish kabob as Jet takes off the last thing he has - his underwear. Spike tells Jet that's why he never plays against her. Spike eats the shish kabob and seems to not like it.

The creature sees a rat and attacks it. The noise wakes Ein, who looks up at a vent and makes a worrisome noise. Jet, now cold and naked, enters the attic to get a blanket and sees a fridge in the back. He doesn't remember the fridge being back there. While he is looking at the fridge the strange creature is...

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People assume that they can increase their value as a person by adding stuff. By reading more, by providing more, by doing more. And, although that is true to some extent, real value comes not with adding more and more stuff, but rather removing it completely. What a paradoxical view, right? And what kind of stuff am I talking about? The attic stuff. All the information and theoretical knowledge and self-concepts you've collected over the years may weigh you down and, as a result, anybody who comes in contact with you will feel that weight at some point. Beliefs, worldviews, life experiences, prejudice - all of that is OK, but it should never crowd up your attic. Otherwise, your life stops being light and free. Now, this is not to say that you should be carefree and irresponsible. I don't mean that. What I mean is that we only imagine that by going on a journey of acquiring experiences, we'll get to that optimal collection of experiences and knowledge which will make us complete...

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Published July 27, 2017

Lots of people use their attic for storage. When bats or raccoons invade that attic, they wonder what they should do with these items. After all, the raccoon feces and bat guano is toxic, and these stored items have been sitting in that environment.

Here are our thoughts on that. Stored items usually fall into 2 categories – closed cell and open cell. By closed cell, we mean things like plastic storage tubs. These can be cleaned, and insurance usually covers the cost of cleaning them. If the cover is secure, the items in these containers are safe.

By open cell, we mean things like luggage, papers, etc. These cannot be securely cleaned. We usually suggest that these items get thrown out. The only exception is if the item is a precious family heirloom. In that case, we can fog the item using our antimicrobial fogger, but there is not guarantee that we kill 100% of the toxins.

Bottom line – try to store your attic items in plastic...

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1891005 I'm in the attic. CK 1 1868201 Tom is in the attic. CK 1 2547860 I'll be in the attic. CK 1 2327214 I found it in the attic. CK 1 2408297 I think Tom is up in the attic. CK 1 1872433 Tom went upstairs to the attic. CK 1 1886842 Shouldn't you be cleaning the attic? CK 1 1026677 Tom climbed the stairs up to the attic. CK 1 2291864 I always wondered what was in your attic. CK 1 25566 Let's clear out the attic. CK 1713710 I put the gifts in the attic. marcelostockle 25569 There's ample room in the attic. ventana 2362168 I just finished cleaning the attic. CK 3315281 Tom has a big box of stuff in my attic. CK 2674223 Who knows what we'll find up in the attic? WestofEden 657155 Who knows what you'll find up in the attic? darinmex 249874 It seems to me that I heard a noise in the attic. CK 2776944 Have you already carried the boxes up to the attic? CK 1713711 I put the gifts in the attic so you wouldn't find them. marcelostockle 2970619 I keep all my old pictures in the attic in a...
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Around 1989-90, I got a fancy-sounding job as Leisure Editor of the South-East London & Kentish Mercury, which basically meant I did all the writing, editing and layout for the section.

There were perks though and I had free tickets for every show in the area – an early Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out and Cirque du Soleil were standouts. I also got to meet and interview a tonne of talented artists: actors, comedians, musicians, painters and local creatives.

One was New Zealand textile artist Lauren Shanley, who had set up her first shop in Deptford (my news area) before moving to Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank. I bought a multi-panelled cushion at the interview, then later this densely colourful rag rug and finally I commissioned some gothic church-like curtains, in purple of course.

We became friends. I was even inspired to get out my sewing machine and emulate Lauren’s stitch craft - I still have that attempt somewhere – and I have collected bits of fabric every...

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**trigger warnings (physical and sexual abuse/incest) and language warnings on this one – the subject matter is very dark**

I first read “Flowers in the Attic” when I was 12 years old. I vividly remember talking my mother into buying it for me at the supermarket, and it is testament to the benign neglect of my latch-key childhood that she purchased it on the spot without even once perusing the content.

Incest. Rape. Violence. Murder.


It kick-started what would become a lifelong obsession with the gothic genius of Virginia Andrews, and it was with great anticipation that I tore through the shrinkwrap on the Flowers in the Attic Anthology DVD Set, twenty six years after that initial mind-fuck. If you aren’t familiar with the story – SHAME ON YOU – go and Wiki that shit right now.

(Or – even better – head...

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In The Madwoman in the Attic, Gilbert and Gubar explore 19th Century literature by women from a feminist perspective. The book is a lengthy text that examines many literary works and theories. However, two major themes include female writers' search for identity and the binary view of female characters as either angels or monsters.

THe book describes how writing has traditionally been viewed as a male profession. Some of the most famous writers, such as...

In The Madwoman in the Attic, Gilbert and Gubar explore 19th Century literature by women from a feminist perspective. The book is a lengthy text that examines many literary works and theories. However, two major themes include female writers' search for identity and the binary view of female characters as either angels or monsters.

THe book describes how writing has traditionally been viewed as a male profession. Some of the most famous writers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, equated the act of writing with...

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Bendix 636BA (1947)
Bendix 300 (1949)
Bendix 526B (1946)
Silvertone 6011 (1947)
Arvin 555 (1947)
Radiola 526 (1942)
Zenith 6-D-510 (1941)
Motorola 65X11-A (1946)
Philco Transitone 46-250 (1946)
Arkay 5SE (1947)
Firestone Air Chief S-7402-7 (1941)
Trav-Ler 5056A (1949)
RCA Tube Caddy (1950s)
Zenith Tube Caddy (1950s)
Philco 91 Cathedral (1932)
Emerson CS-272 AM/SW w/Ingraham Cabinet (1939)
General Electric 115 (1948)
General Electric 115W (1948)
General Electric 100 (1946)
RCA R-28 Cathedral (1933)
Majestic 6T23 (1946)
Realistic 12-1433 Multiband Portable
$35.00 ...
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Today just feels like a good day to talk about shiny stuff. Radiant barriers are a green building product with a lot of sex appeal, if that's possible for construction products. People get really crazy about attics, though. (Don't get me started about powered attic ventilators!) Maybe brains have a tendency to overheat when discussing them. The general category of radiant barriers is an area of great hype and misunderstanding, so I'll tell you what I know, explain the basic physics, and give you a couple of links to some great resources for more information.

OK, first of all, a radiant barrier is something that can keep your attic cooler. Unlike powered attic ventilators, they actually go after the source of the problem rather than treating a symptom — but first, let's look at the physics.

Attics get hot because the sun is beating down on them all day. The heat from the sun comes in the form of electromagnetic radiation. When this radiation hits a surface, it can do...

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If you love Asian decorative arts, Mid Century Modern furniture, jewelry and more, our Jan. 16-17, 2016 estate sale in Bethesda, Maryland from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day has plenty for you to peruse. (Address is 5019 Acacia Avenue.) Experienced, life-long collectors of Asian arts and furniture filled their home with treasures picked up from around the globe. You’ll also find an educated reader’s book collection, an array of art, old electronics, vintage board games and tons of other fun. Check out hundreds of photos of our Bethesda estate sale and make plans to attend the sale now. No early birds. We will hand out numbers to people who arrive before the sale. We will also have staff to help you carry furniture and piles of great stuff to your vehicles...

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I know I've been writing a lot about Autumn on my blog just lately, and it's not something that was planned in any way. In fact I very rarely plan any of my blog posts, they just kind of fall in and out of my mind and out into my laptop as and when stuff happens. So all this feel-good Autumn stuff has come as quite a surprise as it's a bit of a novelty for me to feel so giddy and inspired by this particular season. I've been spending as much time outdoors as the weather has allowed during the past month, and as a result my October photo-file is chockablock full of outdoorsy Autumn images. Indoors it's a similar story and I've got little stashes of leaves, berries, conkers, pine cones and acorns all over the place, emptied out of my pockets after so many walks and foraging expeditions. Autumn has most definitely arrived here in the Attic.

The idea of making an Autumn Garland has been in my mind for quite a long time, pretty much every since I made my Autumn...

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